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To Name A Strain: New Fire From RiverRun Gardens

Frosty Mountain Doh

Peanut Butter Pie, Lobster Pot, and the cultivar now known as Frosty Mountain Doh

Sometimes, it feels like our readers mostly just want to eyeball articles about new strain drops. A review of some kickass cultivar is always poised to leave our posts about weed politics or even business and culture in the dust.

That’s certainly the case with our coverage of the Newburyport-based RiverRun Gardens. As we explained last fall, when we heard they needed assistance describing their storied flower, we jumped at the chance to volunteer.

The resulting writeup of our 10 favorite crops among those drops was among the most viewed TJM pieces last year. So we again leaped at an opportunity to puff some more and give our thoughts.

First, there is the incredibly powerful Peanut Butter Pie, a total TAC monster clocking in at 37.9%. Among the sweetest savory strains or the most savory sweet ones, take your pick, this Stuffed French Toast x Georgia Pie lovechild is smooth, nutty, and kaleidoscopically candy-coated. There is tahini next to beef stew beside celery floating alongside Grape Nuts, and then there is the roasted peanut—a product of prominent limonene and a quartet of other terpenes. Worth blazing and vaping at various temps, it’s capable of acrobatic aromatics.

Lobster Pot

And then there’s Lobster Pot, a 30-plus percent TAC salute to East Coast cannabis. The nose is coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Then some hops, then seaweed snacks and birthday candles, followed by even bolder hops, apple, bouillon, and diesel. There’s scant segue between the notes in this Chem 91 x Butterwolf cross, but the disparate elements combine for an intriguing tribute to the coastline that will elevate consciousness and lower eyelids without making you too sleepy.

Finally, RiverRun kicked us a terpy cross of WTC x Dosidos they’re running, which had yet to be named. We had a few suggestions based on our experience—Cookie Bush, Crumble Tree, Chipsy Truffle, or Quattrosidos. Their team ultimately went with Frosty Mountain Doh, which fits the bill. Whatever it’s called, we dig it. Here’s our take …

A unique toothsome crumb from the GSC family tree, this aggressive cross of funky Dosidos and White Tahoe Cookies genetics is simultaneously sweet, gassy, and pungent on the surface with an earthy grassy base underneath. The buds are dense with orange streaks and diamond studs, yet grind into an airy fluff that makes for perfect puffing. Cool via cucumber crispness with belt leather on the back end, it’s catnip for GSC connoisseurs.