Two Live Resin Vapes And Some Amazin’ California Raisins Rosin

A collaboration, a throwback haze, and a pen you wouldn’t dare disposing of

If you came here looking for a resin versus rosin showdown, you must have missed our last 500 reviews which mostly center around the theme of getting extremely stoned and enjoying exotic as well as cleverly curated cheap thrills, tastes, and terps. 

Don’t overthink it for a second—we’re simply celebrating concentrates this week, had these most recent potions and device additions to our cannabis criticism commissary on hand (as well as some less worthy ones we won’t mention), and compiled all of our reactions into the capsules below.

Nature’s Heritage Double Krush Live Resin Pen

First of all, we can’t sing enough about this mini pocket spigot. It just feels wrong to call it “disposable.” Sleek enough to flex along with a clutch or a tux on a fancy occasion, it’s also sporty enough with its rubber grip to slip into your gym or running routine. And the glass chamber itself is a piece to behold, allowing for the remnants of your hit to float around behind an etching of the brand’s trademark mischievous rabbit in the foreground.

The real treat is inside though, as the Nature’s Heritage Double Krush is splendid for those pining for some classic kind bud essence dashed with a barrage of more than 10 terps working in tandem. The result is a smorgasbord that will have you guessing and savoring, enjoying the various flavors poking through on their own. An expert hydrocarbon extraction in our book, it only left our whistle watering for more as opposed to dry like some other disposables.

Treeworks X Smash Hits California Raisins Live Rosin Cart

No matter how many times that I rethink my position, I keep coming back to the same word to describe this collaboration between Smash Hits and Treeworks: pleasant. Pleasant in how vapor pulls off of the tip, pleasant in how it feels on my lip, and pleasant in how it sends me for a trip.

One of us has been puffing this California Raisins rosin vape a couple of times every morning for a week, and it sets us off right, leaving us super high from neck to thigh but hardly droopy-eyed. We are far from comatose, but definitely way more stoned than with our usual breakfast joint, and also happy to not start the day off smoking. That’s all in the past; with vapes like this, we’re living in the pleasant.

As for the bite, it’s remarkable what Treeworks crams into this chamber, a symphony of notes that are somehow extremely subtle but still stick around. The California Raisins from Smash Hits brings gas plus grapes for sturdy sweetness, all coming together smoothly. We even took a couple of pulls through our nose without the slightest sneeze, a testament to not only the pleasantness of the contents but also to the finely designed and well-calibrated glass-tipped 510 cart it comes in.

Fine Fettle Critical Neville Haze Live Resin Vape Cart

As dedicated dabbers with a general reluctance to take vape cartridges too seriously, rosin or resin or otherwise, we’re often caught off guard by products that knock us straight on our arses without all the inconvenience of having to employ a dab rig and a blow torch. And this exquisite red-tipped resin rocket is a case in point.

True to Neville Haze’s long cemented rep as a throwback haze lover’s haze for days and days, a heavy inhale of Fine Fettle’s cart tastes like you are at the first party that you can remember back in your early smoking phase where there were crystalline buds on hand. You got hopelessly lost in the bong stacks, your nose and mouth filled with the purest green you’d ever savored. This one brought us back to that, including flashes of those surprise creeper high school highs.