Interview: How Treeworks Climbed To The Top Shelf And Never Looked Back

Everyone gets to try before it hits the market … That’s one of the things that’s great about Treeworks—there is no hierarchy on whose opinions are important, it’s a group effort in everything.

Over the past few years, Treeworks has grown from an idea sprouted by its three Western Mass founders into one of the leading top-shelf suppliers of various specialty products.

If you know someone who seeks standout tinctures, chances are they’re packing Daily Drops or maybe Dream Drops by Treeworks for bedtime. The former, a multiple award-winner sativa-ginseng number, served as the foundational flagship for a company that was formed as a brand focused on helping people live healthy and adventurous lives.

Gummy lovers, meanwhile, are rightfully infatuated with the West Hatfield manufacturer’s solventless hash rosin Hummies. And then there is the Treeworks rosin program at the heart of it all, and the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) they use across their product line. Notably, they just released Rosin Wand vape pens in partnership with some of the choice cultivators they collaborate with such as Berkshire Roots and Smash Hits.

With Treeworks now employing about 30 people between manufacturing, marketing, and sales, and their goods in about 150 stores, we asked their Marketing Coordinator Anna Morningstar about their strain-specific small-batch runs and the full-spectrum output they’re so proud of.

“It’s been a fun ride,” said Morningstar, who has been with the company since early last year, when Treeworks started making major waves. “Everyone is down to earth and what we are making is really aligned with me—that’s the best part.”

Derek Welcome: Let’s talk about some products first. What should we be on the lookout for when it comes to Treeworks?

Anna Morningstar: All the products we make … are all organic full-spectrum and really high quality. We also work with Ahh Chocolates, they are an amazing group of people with really great ethically-sourced [ingredients]. They make artisan cannabis chocolate infused with our RSO—the same RSO we have in our tincture line, and it’s been an amazing partnership so far. Everyone is down to earth and we connect and work well together so it’s good to share a space. 

You will probably see some new tincture at some point and then plenty of live rosin. We make some amazing rosin; it’s one of those products that is underrated in the Massachusetts market, often confused with live resin, but rosin is solventless, and it’s pure.

Take us inside the life of someone working for Treeworks daily … 

Treeworks is really easy going and I find that it’s really easy to be a human being there. We all understand and communicate really well with each other. It’s busy because we are a fast-growing startup. It was founded by three friends (MacKae Freeland, Milo Childs Campolo, and Timothy Kane) who are Massachusetts locals who were passionate about the same things like healthy living and cannabis.

Tell us more about the award-winning tincture and what sets it apart … 

We actually just took home an award for our Jungle Drops, and in 2021 the Daily Drops won first place [in the High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup]. It’s a sativa tincture sugar free, gluten free, vegan organic, with sativa terpenes and ginseng, so it has a really nice fruity flavor. That’s really going to stay popular, especially if you love sativa.

[The Jungle Drops] have 200 mg of five different cannabinoids, so 1000 mg total, and they taste like a blueberry pie, which is really nice. All of these are made with full-spectrum RSO and natural flavor, and our gummies, the Hummies line, have hash rosin and real fruit. The sativa won third place in the High Times Cup—it’s infused with lion’s mane and ginseng, our live-rosin cartridges won third, and hash-rosin dabs won first place.

Pictured: Treeworks founders MacKae Freeland, Milo Childs Campolo, and Timothy Kane

Being organic and vegan, who decides what ingredients to use and how they blend with each product you make?

I would say it is a group effort, but I would say a big component of that is one of the founders Milo. He is considered our innovation specialist, and is connected with a lot of herbalists and is an herbalist himself. He has a lot to say about it but we all work together—everyone gets to try an infused gummy before it hits the market and say, OK, do you think it’s good? That’s one of the things that’s great about Treeworks—there is no hierarchy on whose opinions are important, it’s a group effort in everything, it’s an amazing team.

Do you find yourself drifting away from flower the more you use the drops?

Definitely not, I’m always going to be a flower lover, and you know rosin reminds me of flower, just without the plant matter. But the visual of the nug is never going away. I like joints, but if bong was an option, a bong or a bubbler.

What are some of your favorite products?

I love the Jungle Drops, they are the most unique feeling. They are so chill but versatile; I have taken them in the morning and at night before bed. I love the Hummies, specifically the Anytime Punch hybrid. I’m a big fan of that middle-of-the-road, happy-go-lucky, relaxed feeling. The Jungle Drops are also hybrid, but in first place for me are the live rosin cartridges. I was never much of a fan of vapor until I tried rosin. It’s just completely different. The feeling is different; it’s more natural because the full spectrum contains all those cannabinoids that are supposed to be there.