Ask A Budtender: The Search For Warm Weather Edibles That Won’t Melt In Your Car

“Ideal for someone looking to be able to keep their stash on the go without melting like your traditional chocolates would.”

Ask A Budtender is a new recurring feature in which Talking Joints Memo mines the knowledge of those on the front lines of dispensary sales. We ask a simple question of budtenders and dispensary managers, and then communicate their responses to you. That’s all there is to it.

The question for this round: A customer who loves infused chocolates in cold weather says they want to switch to an edible that doesn’t melt or stick together in clumps during warm months. Also, gummies tend to make their belly ache. What do you recommend they try out for a regular recreational high that won’t ruin their car console?

Ben Coburn, a guide from Canna Provisions in Lee and Holyoke, recommended Chill Drops from 1906, while Sage Kalmus, a retail associate from the same shop, suggested the Bliss variety, which “is formulated from one of the greatest happy drugs of all time: Kanna,” which the 1906 explains “works well on its own, doubles down on euphoria when paired with cannabis,” and “contains four other plant medicines for energy and positive outlook. “These tablets that won’t melt and the high CBD is an excellent relaxing recreational high,” Coburn said.

One budtender between gigs said tinctures do a body good all summer with a “drop here and there in your Gatorade,” while others agreed with Coburn and Kalmus with the 1906 call. One of them was Sarah Whitcomb, a budtender at Smyth Cannabis Co. in Lowell. Here’s her breakdown:

“A customer who is looking for an edible that won’t ruin their car console in the summer heat would be a big fan of the Genius Drops from 1906. The Genius Drops are a swallowable tablet  that contain 20 mg of caffeine each which make them perfect for daytime users. They also have 2.5mg of THC and 2.5 mg of CBD making it easy to microdose throughout the day. Being gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free they are ideal for anyone who may have digestive issues and easier on the stomach than some forms of gummies. Anyone looking to feel creative and euphoric is going to want to keep these in their car this summer.”

“Another option that is a bit tastier and a lot more fun,” Whitcomb adds, are Mr. Moxey’s Mints. “They’re refreshing, discrete, and perfect for the daily user that is on the go. Ideal for any high anxiety environment, these are perfect to help you relax. I personally love these for the airport and family events. The Dream mints contain 2.5 mg of THC, CBD, and CBN combined with a blend of lavender, passion flower, and valerian root.”

And finally, for “a more experienced user looking for something more potent,” Whitcomb likes  the Daily Drops sativa tincture from Treeworks. “Tinctures,” she explains, “are an easily portable form of cannabis that are typically taken sublingually or can be mixed with different beverages and food.” Adding, “the Daily Drops are infused with ginseng giving users a long lasting, energizing high. This tincture is ideal for someone looking to be able to keep their stash on the go without melting like your traditional chocolates would. The entire bottle contains 500mg of THC meaning they’ll typically last longer than your usual pack of gummies and you’ll get more value for your dollar. This tincture is perfect for right before the gym or a long day at the beach.”

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