Video: Visiting GreenCare Collective, Where They Likely Grow Some Of Your Favorite Strains

Cultivator soon to feature popups in New Día by Fenway and Primitiv in Downtown Boston

It’s possible for someone who goes out of their way to smoke the best weed in Massachusetts to have inhaled and enjoyed multiple GreenCare Collective strains without having actually heard of the Millbury cultivator.

That may all change soon, as GCC will soon have its Plant popups inside of two major Boston dispensaries, but for now this massive grow may be the Bay State’s biggest secret, size-wise at least.

GreenCare is an all-encompassing umbrella entity, the mothership. Behind the scenes, this Bay State giant is behind a number of popular brands—from Marigold, Bonsai, and the multiple award-winning House of Cultivar on the boutique end, to Endo vapes, tinctures, oils, and syrups. They also grow for companies that trust them with their choice genetics which have already earned stripes in West Coast markets—most notably Cookies, whose Massachusetts flower comes from this facility.

And holy shit, it is a stunning operation. GreenCare has a 100,000- square-foot building with six 8,800- square-foot grow rooms—five of them active, with plans to expand into the final one imminently. Each of those rooms has sliding tables that get meticulously cleaned between harvests, and they produce up to 750 pounds of cannabis four days a week (with an approximate yield of 75 pounds of dried product).

GreenCare VP of Sales Sean Curley explains, “On a normal day we’re trying to take 600 clones. That’s across a handful of strains—maybe three, maybe five.” In the afternoon that we were there, they were harvesting 123 strains, with about 70 flowering. It’s fire everywhere you turn, from stinky Rainbow Runtz with crystally white hairs blowing around to Strawberries & Cream buds seemingly going red right before our eyes.

Check out our video, in which Curley walks us through the massive buildout, right down to the centralized nutrient dosing dashboard and sophisticated air and water systems. If you didn’t know where all those high-TAC Cookies around Mass come from—Girl, Adios MF, All Time High, you name it—now you know. 

As for the many brands under the GreenCare marquee, check for them at the upcoming permanent Plant popups inside of New Día across from Fenway Park and Primitiv Boston, a collaboration venture between former footballers Rob Sims, Calvin Johnson Jr., and Gosder Cherilus coming soon to 200 High Street in downtown Boston.