Reenacting Wild West Saloon Scenes With Pineapple Beignet Live Budder

MariGold x Nova Farms score with a deep, dark, and buddery bar brawl of a dab

As we stated recently, since there are countless resins and rosins and batters and budders and shatters and such on the market, we might as well enjoy the best.

For clarification, in this review we’re once again rapping about live resin, which is made via solvent-assisted extraction. We also love live rosin, which is solvent-less, but for now here’s our take on another write-home-worthy dab powered by highly sophisticated machine processes that make our head spin as much as the products … 

As was the case with Root & Bloom’s Ghost Dawg indica live resin, this fave in the current Talking Joints Memo lineup is something the whole family will smell—even if they’re several rooms over with the doors closed. Cooking onions. While taking a dump. In a gas mask.

Savory heads, start your mouths watering, ’cause ain’t shit too sweet with this Pineapple Beignet live budder from MariGold and Nova Farms.

There’s fruitiness in the collaboration melt as implied in its name, but nothing reminiscent of an Edible Arrangement or a colorful exotic spread of melons you’d find on a country club buffet. Rather, it’s an all-consuming potent tropical punch, more akin to being slid across a breakfast smorgasbord like a bad guy in a b-movie bar brawl. Even just a quick sniff of this perfect caramel paste will pry open your airways, so imagine the beautiful burn …

A work of art that took us for a ride, this budder delivered a unique high that kept three longtime TAC hounds lit for hours. The smell slapped us around like Adam West Batman—BAM!, it’s sweet; POW!, it’s tart. Come to think of it, not unlike an actual pineapple. All together, it made for some seriously delicious dab-induced whiplash.

As a runner-up, we also enjoyed MariGold’s Vanarchy live resin sugar, which is sort of waxy, almost resembling damp salt. But compared to their joint effort with Nova Farms, it just seemed less offensive, from the rush to the touch.

If you’re like us, and you prefer to have your every sense offended, then it’s Pineapple Beignet all the way.