A Remarkable Live Resin Resonating With Our Righteous Review Crew

Photo of Bio Diesel live resin by Steven Macadams

Simple but robust Ghost Dawg and Bio Diesel dabs from Root & Bloom repel pokers, offer more than just bedtime assistance

We have a prediction that’s not very popular with heads who are deep into dabbing, us included.

It goes like this—with cannabis companies and their scientist technician magicians getting better and better at stuffing concentrates into cartridges that rarely clog, it’s hard to see a future in which there will be many retail options for raw in-the-jar extracts.

But since there are a whole bunch of amazing resins and rosins and batters and budders and shatters and such on the market right now, we might as well enjoy the best of the best.

Before we go any further, for clarification, in this review we’re rapping about live resin, which is made via solvent-assisted extraction. We also love live rosin, which is solvent-less, and have some highlights on that front coming soon, but for now here’s our first of a few takes on write-home-worthy dabs produced with butane and propane-powered processes, the developing science behind which makes our head spin as much as the products … 

We’re big on feel and texture around here, and even at room temperature, Root & Bloom’s Ghost Dawg indica live resin is the rare sugary extract that keeps whatever form you mold it into and miraculously repels glass and metal pokers alike.

The mango color—which actually brightened in our banger before disappearing entirely—faithfully reflects some underlying fruitiness, but there are also traces of something akin to maple in the matrix. Overall, it would be unwise to underestimate this as a mere fruit snack; even just a small hit was a meal, filling our sinuses with fruitiness, and leaving us somewhat bright-eyed for an indica strain but stoned silly nevertheless.

We reached out to the wizards at Root & Bloom who are behind the splendid fiery Ghost Dawg, as well as a similar though slightly less intense Bio Diesel live resin we sampled, and they explained that these top-shelfers are made from their own indoor flower, which is “frozen within five minutes of harvest to preserve maximum taste and flavor,” then finished with a hydrocarbon extraction that leaves it “rich in native cannabinoids and terpenes.”

All of which we can confirm—from a tour we did earlier this year, and from the terp church we just prayed at. This stuff is canna caviar.

“Nothing added. Ever,” they said. “Just real plant goodness.” Adding, “It’s especially exciting for us because it’s one of the first collaborations we’ve had between our grow and extraction teams. They value each other so much as colleagues and craftspeople—there’s a real point of pride in the live resin.”

We picked up some cans of the dab versions for this review, but the Bio Diesel and Ghost Dawg resins also come in cartridges that we can’t wait to wrap our lips around. Looks like our prediction is already coming true.