Video Review: 1988 Cookies & Cream Blunts

A sweet tobacco-free preroll that confirms our faith in this delivery method

We have taken a hard look at tobacco-free preroll blunts before and will continue to do so, since they seem like they are the perfect compromise for those of us who never thought we’d buy pre-rolled products in the first place.

Joints can do the trick as well, but sometimes even the best brands canoe, and that just flat-out sucks when you spent more than ten bucks on a spliff. Hell, it sucks if you spent only five bucks.

And so this brings us to preroll blunts, which are getting better and better and burning slower and slower. In the past, we’ve gushed about the Big Papi Sweet Slugger stuffies from Rev Brands, as well as the “twist on the traditional blunt” from Berkshire Roots, the latter of which featured a Futurola made using mate, chamomile, and cacao. These 1988 blunts come in the same skin, making for another smooth ride down blunt boulevard, unhindered by the artificial flavors we inhaled from the bodega for so long (and in some cases still do).

Beyond the catchy throwback packaging, this full-gram blunt is impressive all around, from the sweet Cookies & Cream strain we caught which complements the wrap well to the slow burn and sugary aftertaste. And if that’s not enough, there’s a backstory too.

“1988 is named for the year in which the term blunt was introduced to the world by way of hip-hop,” 4Front Ventures Executive Vice President Brandon Mills said in a statement. “Strong and sophisticated, our take on this classic staple delivers a rich smoking experience and everything you love about blunts without the hassle of rolling your own. As we continue to demonstrate our ability to develop products that ‘wow’ consumers, we look forward to expanding 1988’s product offerings and plan to launch infused blunts in the coming weeks, which will bring even more high-quality, consistent products to consumers.”

So far, so good.

1988 @ Mission Dispensary