We Asked These Cannabis Data People To Drop Some Mass Numbers On Us

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Among younger age groups (Gen Z and Millennials), Massachusetts sees more sales than average from female customers 

So this week we got an email from Headset, a company that provides data and analytics to the cannabis industry, about its “competitive intelligence tool, Headset Insights.” They’re not the only show in town for detailed industry info that is useful to dispensaries and anybody else in the green world, but they’re a big one, with experience crunching stats in more than a dozen states and territories in the US and Canada including California, Colorado, Oregon, and Saskatchewan.

You probably see where this is going—Headset, like damn near every other weed-adjacent company out there, has had its eye on the Bay State, and is now offering Mass-specific “real-time market data and valuable consumer trend insights.” Their pitch: “cannabis businesses will be able to identify growth opportunities and develop data-driven strategies that will allow them to stay ahead of the curve,” “while the deeper Massachusetts read now allows cannabis businesses to leverage more granular data down to the SKU-level.”

“We’re excited to introduce Headset Insights to the southeast and expand the platform further into the northeast,” Headset Founder and CEO Cy Scott said in a media release. “Massachusetts and Florida [where they are also just now entering the market] each have unique cannabis industries that continue to evolve daily. Headset Insights will serve as a unique guide for businesses looking to navigate medical and recreational marketplaces.”

Our interest here, from the consumer perspective, is of course the products. What are people eating, smoking, and vaping? And how much of it are we buying? In short, what are the trends?

As a sample, Headset offered up some interesting info that shows comparison points to various other recreational states: “The Bay State recorded positive year-over-year growth in July 2022, unlike many other US markets currently experiencing year-over-year sales retractions. Furthermore, the state has produced nearly $1 billion in cannabis sales this year, surpassing more mature markets such as Washington and Oregon. By year’s end, Massachusetts could also record higher sales than Colorado.”

We asked them for some category insights as well. The following reflect sales from January through August of this year:

  • Mass has a very high sales share to Pre-Rolls (17.2%) and conversely a very low sales share to Concentrates (4.1%) in comparison to the US averages.

  • Among younger age groups (Gen Z and Millennials), Massachusetts sees more sales than average from female customers but lower than average sales from male customers.

  • In general, Generation X customers make up a larger portion of the market in Massachusetts than in the rest of the US.

  • Baby Boomers contribute almost the exact same amount of total sales to the Massachusetts cannabis market as they do in other US states.

It’s always good to read these things, because otherwise we get stuck in our ways. Like, if you were to survey Dig writers, you’d find a much bigger market share for dabs. 

As for Gen X buying up all of the weed, that one we can certainly attest to.