Why We’re Choosing and Chewing Caramel Apple Chewee’s 

An already legendary concept with THC and packaged in convenient milky cubes

Even in their cheapest, most commonly found dime-store form, caramels are utterly amazing. Those little square delights have served as a gateway drug for countless candy freaks, and kept more dentists in business than your local meth dealer over the years.

And now let’s have a quick chat about apples. As far as things that come directly from the earth go (as opposed to things like beer that take hard work to make), apples are a universal favorite. Also, carnivals are fun, and that’s where you tend to find these delicious crunchy treats slathered in sugar. The sticky-red coated ones break your teeth, ruining the good time. But that softer caramel apple, the one with the buttery-sweet sheath hugging a fistful of juicy-green crispness, it’s pure perfection, serenity on a stick.

You see where I’m headed with this. Imagine if you took that already legendary recipe, added THC, removed most of the potential for severe oral damage, and packaged it in convenient milky cubes. You’d have something to write home about. Something like the caramel apple Chewee’s manufactured by New England Cannabis Corp. Speaking of which, I’ll be recommending these to my mother and others who ask me for indica products in particular. In addition to a moldable texture closer to an Airhead than bubble gum and less sticky than both, there’s the way that it works …

Per my general observations, fast-acting is the hot thing these days. Which is understandable on some counts, since, you know, if you’re looking to get high eventually, you might as well just go and do it ASAP. That’s not how every formula works though, and while it’s not the case that all indica experiences will put you under the covers, it is true that they help many people relax, and for a lot of folks there’s nothing relaxing about having the full effect kick in right away. For that crowd, these little joys will be perfect, as the whole shebang won’t kick in until you are either fast asleep or at least halfway through a new Netflix mini series (they say wait two hours for the full effect).

And on that note, I’ll see you later. Time for a nap, then on to their cappuccino, mocha, and caramel varieties.

Chomp, chomp, chomp.