Behind the Buds (Video): Cannabis and Concentrates Under Cloud Cover’s Colossal Canopy

Touring their facility in Franklin where the cultivation, joint-stuffing, and dab-making goes down

We love nothing more than when cannabis cultivators give us front row seats to the magic. In addition to the obvious satisfaction of fully immersing in grow ops—basically the weed equivalent to Scrooge McDuck swimming around in gold coins—it’s also true that our readers are hungry for bud, dab, and edible porn. These items cost a lot of money, and people want to know what they are purchasing before they get home and open the bag. Even better if they can learn about the whole genesis from seed to sale.

That demand for disclosure has been met head–on by the Dorchester dispensary High Profile x Budega, which is operated by Cloud Cover Massachusetts and its parent company C3 Industries, which operates more than 20 dispensaries from here to Michigan to Oregon. Living up to its name and background—one of the dispensary’s local operating partners, social equity licensee Brian Chavez, comes from a family of neighborhood store owners—they offer “deli-style” weed, as in you can see and sniff before buying (through special safety containers made for this sort of thing).

They’re also the growers behind Cloud Cover’s White 99 sativa, a serious high-gear strain for workaholics, as well as the outstanding Wookie Girl ’91 and various other delights. 

We got a tour of their facility in Franklin where it all goes down. You wanted product porn, so here it is with a whole bunch of science and nature mixed in.