A 4/20 Interview With Provincetown Ganja Goddess Mackenzie

Photo by Paulo Kairao

“Your mind is allowed to create anything it has the power to unlock, and this is the chance to get it on a stage with audience members ready for a show that you cannot recreate or really even explain”

Some 4/20 events warrant more than just a simple note directing readers to the party.

As we sensed as soon as we heard about it, the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown has that kind of noteworthy spectacular happening this week, with the one and only 420-friendly Mackenzie hosting the latest edition of CDXX Henny – The Legend of the Ganja Goddesses, a 4/20 Experience at the Crown’s Paramount Club on April 20, 21, and 22 at 8pm. 

Here’s the backstory:

Thousands of years ago, the world thrived by the power and forces known as the Ganja Goddesses. Peace and love and a lot of weed ruled throughout the land. But an evil sought to bring chaos and destroy the goddesses. Combining their powers, the Ganja Goddesses hid from the evil in the sands of time, only to be awakened when the world would once again desperately need them. 

Today, Indica Jones (Mackenzie), a bright, clumsy, very stoned scholar and explorer, sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find the Ganja Goddesses and unlock their power to restore peace, love, and weed to the world! From the kaleidoscope mind of Mackenzie, 4/20 Henny, Provincetown’s original weed drag show, returns for its third year in this stoner-rific adventure, CDXX Henny – The Legend of the Ganja Goddesses!

Crown & Anchor Co-Owner Jonathan Hawkins told us the experience “is quickly becoming an annual tradition thanks to Mackenzie’s creativity, talent, and so many of our beloved local performers.” And with everything from a “Weed Fair” at their Wave Bar to a Hot Box afterparty following each show during their special “‘going green’ for 4/20 weekend,” we still had some additional questions.

Thanks to Mackenzie for answering them … 

Let’s start with the climate around cannabis in Provincetown—not just now, but going back years. Has it always been as cool to light one up at the end of the Cape as one might imagine? Was it hell getting good shit out there before legalization? 

I have only been in Provincetown for 10 years vs. the thousands of years cannabis has been on this earth. But something tells me, with the creative soul in Provincetown, that people have been lighting up for generations. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a little r&r, go to the beach, and enhance it with some weed!

While it may not have been legal, and I’ve heard stories of people getting arrested on the beaches for lighting up a joint … I’m thrilled that there is a much more relaxed attitude about such a beautiful and natural gift from planet Earth. But be respectful of our community. Don’t be lighting it up at the bars, restaurants, or theaters (yes, someone lit a joint in the theater at our show last year as we had to politely remind everyone that consumption needs to be done in private and not on business premises). I never remember it being difficult to find when it was illegal. Friends of friends or my creative circles always had a connection, and they were happy to share.

What’s the change been like since dispensaries have come to town? 

Despite others’ opinions, I sense a peaceful calm over town. Drinking was the only legal option, which can always cause a mess when overdone. … Cannabis chills people TF out. I know many people who stopped drinking altogether and made the switch over to a cannabis social lifestyle, and I really think that’s neat. No blackouts, no hangovers, no fighting. Peace, love, and harmony, baby! The accessibility is awesome as well. It’s basically like stopping by the market for your groceries. Milk, eggs, bread, and a few joints for your picnic later.

Tell us a bit more about the origins of the cannabis drag show. How did y’all decide to do this and what was the original plan?

I grew up in Seattle and remember seeing lines down the block on a warm April evening at almost every LGBTQAI club … upon asking what the occasion was, it was always 4/20 bro! Drag queens would feature a cannabis-themed show that I started to attend and was so inspired by the absolute, unhinged artistry with cannabis as the captain of the ship. 

Upon moving to Provincetown and creating a career in the entertainment industry, we were missing such a fantastic opportunity for that kind of creative expression. There are no rules. Maybe a prompt or a theme (being cannabis), but your mind is allowed to create anything it has the power to unlock, and this is the chance to get it on a stage with audience members ready for a show that you cannot recreate or really even explain. You just have to witness the magic.

What’s something that’s particularly special about the intersection of drag and cannabis?

For me, cannabis unlocked a part of my brain that told me, I couldn’t do this, or I can’t do that, or feeling judged or scared to present an idea. Weed stopped that inner voice and allowed creativity to flow endlessly. It inspired and opened my imagination, without fear, to create worlds of possibility, which is what we are doing with this very show. Not to speak for all drag queens, but as creatives and masters of our craft, wouldn’t you like to tap into the infinite possibilities of your creativity?

What’s the response been like to prior installments?

Out of this world! I constantly remind everyone curious about seeing our show that you do not have to be stoned or consume cannabis to enjoy this wild ride. We are creating a lifted and extraordinarily unique story that doesn’t require any assistance for a trip, but we leave it up to you to build your own adventure! The outpour of love and community that has rallied around us is tremendous. They say it takes a village, and it certainly does. But the support I have from all over town is beyond special. It’s the only reason that we are in our third year.  Like any plant, it continues to grow because so many people have shown it so much love and care.

What can you tell us about what’s in store for 4/20? Beloved old routines? New tricks? All of the above?

I always have new tricks up my sleeves! But, just like any holiday, enjoy your traditions! Create new ones. Surround yourself with people you love! And come see our show! We hope to become your 4/20 tradition like we have for so many already!

And what’s after 4/20? Will we see you in Boston or elsewhere in New England any time soon? 

After 4/20, I plan to rest for a little bit before my summer season kicks off … because we have so, so much insanity planned for you at the Crown & Anchor this season … and ultimately after that … 

Who knows … Boston … NYC … back to Seattle? 

All I know is, watch out world, I’m coming for you!