Inbox: “CDXX Henny, Provincetown’s original weed drag show, returns”

And they’re bringing an “all-new cannabis-infused experience”

With dispensaries across the commonwealth hosting events and offering deals, this coming 4/20 is poised to be one of the most visible high holidays to date. And that will be especially true at the tip of Cape Cod, specifically at the legendary Crown & Anchor where Mackenzie, one of the Provincetown hot spot’s resident performers, is hosting the latest edition of CDXX Henny – The Legend of the Ganja Goddesses, a 4/20 Experience.

“4/20 Henny is a celebration of the things I love most,” Mackenzie said. “My love of performing, drag, and cannabis, as well as the opportunity to share the stage with so many friends and local Ptown performers.”

The show will take place at the Crown’s Paramount Club on April 20, 21, and 22 at 8pm, with Mackenzie along with Qya Cristál, Joáo Santos, Spookey, Delta Miles, Roxy Pops, Austin Tyler, Morgan Sapphire, Anne Hutchinson, Hilarie Tamar, Abby Cummings, and others. And there’s even a backstory:

Thousands of years ago, the world thrived by the power and forces known as the Ganja Goddesses. Peace and love and a lot of weed ruled throughout the land. But an evil sought to bring chaos and destroy the goddesses. Combining their powers, the Ganja Goddesses hid from the evil in the sands of time, only to be awakened when the world would once again desperately need them. 

Today, Indica Jones (Mackenzie), a bright, clumsy, very stoned scholar and explorer, sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find the Ganja Goddesses and unlock their power to restore peace, love, and weed to the world! From the kaleidoscope mind of Mackenzie, 4/20 Henny, Provincetown’s original weed drag show, returns for its third year in this stoner-rific adventure, CDXX Henny – The Legend of the Ganja Goddesses!

“This highly entertaining 4/20 experience at the Crown & Anchor is quickly becoming an annual tradition thanks to Mackenzie’s creativity, talent, and so many of our beloved local performers,” Crown & Anchor Co-Owner Jonathan Hawkins said.

Additionally, the venue will be “‘going green’ for the 4/20 weekend with a ‘Weed Fair’ at the Wave Bar, a special late-night ‘munchie menu’ at the restaurant, and Mackenzie’s Hot Box after-party each night after the show.”

The URL says it all …