How Dabbing Motorbreath Live Resin Sugar Will Help You Ace The Bar Exam

I have no doubt that they will be serving extracts like these Harbor House artistic crystals at the finest country clubs in seven years

Here’s what you need to know about this Harbor House live resin: it actually looks like caviar.

I’m not talking about cheap caviar mids that come shellacked onto the shell of supermarket sushi. Nah, this dab has the goldfish-orange hue of budget sturgeon roe, but texturally it resembles the black beluga that you buy when anniversaries and paydays overlap.*

And let’s talk about this sugary sub-category for a second, that mine of rare reflective formations that stares back at you through the banger and laughs at how twisted you are about to be. Hardcore dabbers love their malleable melts, and badders and budders they can make shapes with, maybe roll between their fingers without shedding or sticking like a booger if it’s executed perfectly. And they’re typically available at most dispensaries. 

Harder sugar numbers like this Motorbreath live resin specimen from Harbor House, though, seem harder to find on the market, and when you do run into them, you run the risk of runniness—either because the dab is far from diligently finished, or was improperly stored, or some ugly combination of various other factors far beyond my understanding.

What I do understand well, however, is that a literally and figuratively solid sugar, in ideal form like this one from Harbor House that we grabbed on the rec of an outstanding budtender at the new Quincy Cannabis Co., may be the cleanest kind of terpy extract available. It barely sticks, and when you slice or smash it deep into your favorite rig, it stays in the place you pushed it rather than attaching to the poker.

And it burns, baby, burns, turning my small pocket coil into a smoke stack and my glass rig into Mount Vesuvius. All while emitting the scent of high-octane fuel for an obnoxious-colored Cadillac that runs on concentrates, and going down like a cartoonish clementine buffet. Go out and buy a big enough supply to fill the backyard of your vintage El Camino; trust me, daily dabs of Motorbreath will get you into law school if you’re not already singing to the supremes.

While you’re at it, dab fans, go and take a swim around the Harbor House menu. It’s one of the most thoroughly curated collections of concentrates available in Mass; in addition to their spins on Motorbreath, I strongly recommend the It’s It (yes, that’s the actual name of this strain, a cross of Gelato and Mint Chocolate Chip) full-spectrum cold-cure live rosin that they agitated in tandem with House of Cultivar. The potent precious ghost-white crystals alone are worth going out of your way for.

Like caviar, but tastier and more expensive.

*I want to make the distinction between dabs that physically look like caviar—often in the sugar, live resin, and/or diamonds and sauce categories, like this killer Ghost Dawg cut from Root & Bloom that me and our in-house Citizen Strain review board recently made a similar observation about—and the popular West Coast product known as Cannabis Caviar that one Colorado company describes as “flower (literally dripping) in pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil,” where they then “hand-roll the gooey, sticky mess in terpene-rich dry ice hash.” That also sounds delicious, but it’s not what I’m talking about here.