All About Croptoberfest, Where “Music, Cannabis, and Camping Collide”

“The purpose of the event has been to bring like-minded people together to celebrate our love and passion for the cannabis plant, and I believe that there should be no barriers to allowing someone their expression.”

We’re giddy over the lineup for Croptoberfest, which goes down October 1 at Camp Timber Trails in Tolland. In addition to being a proudly smoke-friendly 417-acre rustic campground, the gathering is promising everything from popups to scavenger hunts and glass blowers on site at their “bong bar.”

Best of all, admission is free.

We asked organizer Mike Clinton for the goods … 

Tell us a little bit about the origins of the event.

From underground to a campground, the origin of Croptoberfest was established in a backyard before cannabis was legal during the early years of the Massachusetts MMJ program. I was hosting a podcast on WEMF Radio called Twisted Dreams Radio and during that time I created DabWarz. I would invite hash makers and extraction techs to join us on the podcast for discussions about cannabis extracts and they would all submit a sample of concentrate for individuals to judge live on the show. This bracket-style tournament of cannabis extracts came to a point where I needed to host a finals competition, so I instinctively decided to host an event with live music and vendors. 

Aside from Boston Freedom Rally and Extravaganja, cannabis events were not public so finding a venue that would allow cannabis consumption proved to be impossible at the time, so I resorted to private property. I hosted multiple events; DabWarz fizzled out, but Croptoberfest quickly outgrew the property I was using so I decided that it was time to go legit and that’s when I started scouting locations and found Camp Timber Trails.

How has it evolved since its inception?

Camp Timber Trails completely evolved Croptoberfest into a new experience, offering 417 acres of potential for cannabis shenanigans. Camp Timber Trails is a turn-key campground that boasts dozens of rustic cabins, a private lake, a commercial kitchen and mess hall that can feed a small army, a dancehall with springboard floor, bathrooms with running water located throughout the property, and a large activity field where the festivities take place. Our event now has full production, stage and lights, compared to our humble beginnings of just a DJ playing a streaming app through some speakers. Croptoberfest will have Chris Webby headlining our event this year, our first time having a nationally touring musician performing at CF.

How are you able to do it for free?

The purpose of the event has been to bring like-minded people together to celebrate our love and passion for the cannabis plant, and I believe that there should be no barriers to allowing someone their expression. Hosting a free event has many challenges, and it’s mainly through the support of the community that Croptoberfest is able to operate. 

There is a ton going on—from food to music to all sorts of cannabis-related happenings. What does it take to pull something like this together?

The operations of Croptoberfest can be a major uptaking but having a plan in place with the right staff has been the key to the success of Croptoberfest. Everything is a team effort at Croptoberfest, everyone knows their job and they do it well. 

You’ll be hosting a DabWarz event there. Sounds pretty pro-level, tell us more about that.

DabWarz will recognize and award the best cannabis concentrate submitted into the competition. Hash makers, extraction techs, and resin lovers will have the opportunity to submit their product at Croptoberfest and compete while judging the samples in the competition. DabWarz will provide these individuals the opportunity to network with other resin loving cannabis enthusiasts, opening the door for discussions about strains, procedures, techniques, equipment and more. DabWarz provides more than just recognition, it creates a community and opens the doors for opportunity while fostering relationships.

How about for relative amateurs and new smokers. What’s in it for them?

Croptoberfest will have something for all cannabis enthusiasts, from the first time toker to the well seasoned stoner, CF will have vendors providing resources, education and information about all things cannabis. Amatuer smokers can get a jump start on the cannabis culture by attending the free film screenings at Croptoberfest, featuring one film about the origins of glassblowing and the other a documentary about an international hash competition.

Help us pack for the event. What should heads bring with them?

When packing for the event, a light sweatshirt is mostly all you need. The paths leading from the parking lot to the event field are uneven so it’s recommended to wear sneakers or closed toe shoes. Attendees may bring lawn chairs, or a blanket to get comfortable while watching the show. The only things we don’t allow into the event are animals, weapons, or fireworks. Bring your bag of weed and an extra pack of rolling papers too!

More info and Croptoberfest tickets here