Attack Of The Delicious 40-Dollar Dabs

Pictured: Freezie Pop live budder by Neighborgoods

Concentrating on badders and budders and waxes that won’t break the dank bank

What can we say about dabs besides that they get us extremely stoned.

A whole lot, that’s what. Which is why we cover them relentlessly despite concentrates accounting for only a sliver of the market.

We’ve spotted clear trends like the increasing prominence of diamonds and of course rosin, and cover the full gamut from hash to butane extracts to solventless delights. And since the good stuff isn’t cheap, we’re always hunting for deals.

While $40 grams aren’t as hard to find around the Bay State as they once were, it can still be tricky to pinpoint the finest sticky. These featured products below aren’t always necessarily priced below that line, so you’ll want to shop around to find the deals that we caught, but even if they’re closer to the 50-dollar range they’re worth it.

Neighborgoods Freezie Pop Live Budder

You can always tell natural peanut butter from the processed stuff by the former’s oily glaze, and you can always tell when we’ve discovered a well-priced budder with the consistency of creamy Skippy because you can find us dabbing morning, noon, and night until we’ve eaten all the cold cuts and look like we have been chewing Sugar Babies from licking the poker. This one hit that spot; we haven’t sampled all the Neighborgoods dabs yet, but were impressed with UpTop Dispensary’s selection of four spanning shatter to softies—all at the $40 mark. The hydrocarbon-extracted Freezie Pop (85% TAC) was a particular treat, with loads of Limonene and other terps cramming our cavity for hours on the couch.

Pictured: Modified Macberry Moonshine badder by MIM

MIM Frozen Lemon Live Badder

You actually don’t even need the full $40 gram of this smooth waxy badder. The half-gram chunk that we bought for just half that much gave the appearance of what usually passes for a gram, and seemed to do commensurate damage as well. This one’s chunkier than most badders, that must account for the “frozen” aspect, but it’s nonetheless sufficiently smushy to spread in your coil or banger, so no protest from us. And while you’re shopping MIM, you might as well load up; their sugar is also as sweet as dabs that cost twice as much and, depending on your pick, can turn your rig into a terpene turbine for a ride that’s comparable to dabbing many top-shelf melts that cost a lot more money.

Pictured: Animal Zkittlez by Crispy Commission

Crispy Commission Hybrid Road Kill Wax

While they have consistently delivered cost-effective concentrates since first appearing on shelves last year, at this point, Crispy Commission has its wax formula immaculately calibrated. Frankly we adored their dryer dabs (as opposed to the resin coming out of this same lab) six months ago when we first dipped, but now they’re getting even meltier and easier to mold. They break apart less, and in certain cases are even starting to behave like the finer budders. This Road Kill wax is especially satisfying, packing more than 90% TAC and plenty of personality. We found the blatant in-your-face yet inoffensive stench to add a touch of class, reminding us of an expensive candle fresh out of the box before the wick is lit. One hit of this, however, and you will be extremely lit.