Video: Diamonds And Doughnuts With NECANN Edibles Winner CAC

In the winner’s circle with the team that already had the Highsman

With Old Pal, Black Buddha, Airo, Toast, and Her Highness in their brand bank, Tilt Holdings and its Mass operation Commonwealth Alternative Care don’t just have one of the state’s highest-profile repertoires—they also have one of the most diverse. From female-angled concepts like the latter to Highsman by NFL star-turned-cannabis icon Ricky Williams which is also under their umbrella, they cover lots of bases, often with exquisite packaging and product to match.

We accepted an invitation to visit the CAC cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Taunton (where they also have one of their three dispensaries in the state) last month, and as always were excited to see where some of our favorite weed and goodies come from. If you care about the cleanliness and upkeep of the places where your cannabis is grown and trimmed, then it should mean something when companies let us view behind the scenes. As you’ll see in our video, this is a spiffy operation, and one that we are not surprised cranks out edibles that people are buzzing about.

We’re not merely bloviating; soon after our visit to Taunton, CAC’s Coffee and Doughnuts chocolate bar from their Coda Signature line won Best Snacks/Candy in the 2023 NECANN Cup, while their Millionaire Shortbread took third place in Best Baked Goods partition. We’re not saying that we had anything to do with their victories, but we did get a glimpse of their magic in the making.

“Coda products are impeccable artisanal chocolates and fruit notes made from outstanding ingredients, and the Coffee and Doughnuts chocolate bar is a fresh and elevated take on a beloved confection,” Cristina De Tomasi, senior VP of corporate development for CAC’s parent company Tilt said. “The ‘best edible’ award at NECANN exceeds our expectations, especially for a brand so new to this highly competitive market.”