Chemdog’s Smash Hits and Some Other Fire Flower For Your Friday

Image via Smash Hits

There are endless cannabis strains to choose from. Here are some standout drops on our radar …

When we last checked in with legendary cultivator and Mass native Chemdog at Canna Provisions, he was getting ready for one of his clone drops. At which growers of all levels from around the region travel to their stores in Holyoke and Lee for a chance to seed and feed their own fire at home.

The homegrow set will be happy to know that Canna Provisions just started dropping clones of Chem’s award-winning Da Funk strain, while supplies last of course. But for those of you who want the high without the work, there’s also great news—his Smash Hits buds are increasingly widely available, including at Rise in Chelsea and at a few other stores east of Worcester.

Boston Tea Party #22 by LIT

It’s Chem, so don’t make other plans. You will be stoned, left with a mouthful of extraordinary flavors regardless of which strain you pick. If you’re the type who absolutely must have the latest and greatest though, you’ll want to search for the sweet-and-sour Member Berry hybrid, or their reportedly nutty and creamy Waffle Cone cut geared for “heavy body effects and head-to-toe relaxation.”

Elsewhere, you’ll want to keep your eyes and nose peeled for the bamboo jars by Bonsai, as well as products from the House of Cultivar brand also growing out of GreenCare Collective in Millbury. We found our way into two of their eighths so far—a seriously aromatic Watermelon Soda sativa and a ginger-maned Malibu Marsha hybrid—and found the wash, flavor, and burn of both to be tops. Beyond aesthetics, the former in particular sent us into a pleasant trance. That’s just from a few pulls off the chillum; we smoked a blunt of the Marsha as well and wound up ordering half of the menu at one of those subpar suburban-themed slop spots with Joe in the name.

If that sounds like something you can say about any old weed these days, it isn’t. Being heavy into dabs with a high tolerance, not all nugs turn our knobs. The ones in this post on the other hand … 

We’re at that point where brands that are well-known and even loved in other markets are making their mark here, and chances are if you have yet to burn something from Lost In Translation (LIT for short, sold by Ayr Wellness in Mass), it won’t be long before a friend shows up holding a pouch of their Boston Tea Party #22 claiming they found a new favorite hybrid. Comparably outstanding, though on the indica end of the spectrum, is LIT’s cross of Georgia Pie with P4516. Tuck our asses in, ’cause it’s bedtime folks.

Again, there’s no shortage of god’s green, purple, orange, and sometimes blue grass to puff around Mass. Anyone who suggests otherwise ain’t looking hard enough. Also in steady rotation around here: the oh-so-cheesy Queso Perro from Cloud Cover, the savory and potent Reign Allen hybrid from Highsman that’s been weighing on our eyelids, and the dense and deadly Light Saber hybrid from Champ City Cannabis in Brockton.

Queso Pero by Cloud Cover

And of course, there’s Cookies, which has been hard at work establishing its Mass footprint beyond their Worcester brick and mortar, blessing stores across the state with hot new drops. We’re working on a piece to help you track them better; until then, those in Western Mass can check out Cookies Corner at the Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield.

As for everybody else, stay tuned, and remember that this is a two-way street. Do you have a favorite strain or cultivator who deserves some shine? Tip us off at