Hot Tip: Through The Smoking Glass With El Blunto

Tasty terpy blunts built for the long haul 

I thought I’d seen it all. From dabs that get you high for a day off a single dip, to potato chip dip with enough THC to stun a donkey.

And then someone passed me a blunt with a glass chillum basically built into it. That was probably five years ago, somewhere in one of those smoke-forward states out west that starts with a “c,” and I still remember being as psyched as I was as a kid learning about peanut butter and jelly being sold in the same jar. 

Lucky for me, this masterful leap in mashup engineering has arrived in Mass dispensaries in various forms, including the prerolls we are here to pass around today …

One clear leader on this front comes from the California-based El Blunto and its parent company Albert Einstone’s with local partner Rev Brands, which is also behind the David Ortiz brand Sweet Sluggers, another tobacco-free blunt built for big hitters. Their current lineup: El Blunto, a cannabis cigar; El Bluntito, or mini-blunts; El Jointo; and El Jointito (plus pouches of full-flower and roll-your-own kits). There are other stellar filter-tips around, but these glass nubs are foolproof, perfectly designed to keep the squeef out of your teeth.

They have jars of indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties filled with four .75 gram blunts, and I’ve been picking up the Sour Diesel jammies. Like some of my other favorite sticks on the market, these have an exposed edge, so no twist at the end—just a glimpse of the hand-shredded (not ground) bud you are about to burn.

On the other end, of course, is your glass tip, which comes plugged with a rubber stopper for freshness. It’s unclear just how much liveliness the plug actually preserves, but it can’t hurt. And unless you’re really looking to get super high, you probably won’t be pulling this whole thing, so the cork could come in handy for storage.

My problem with a lot of prerolls—whether blunts or joints, infused or non-infused, pinners or pile-drivers—is that they’re often just a snack. And sometimes, if they canoe, too much of that snack gets lost in the wind, or flakes onto the ground. These El Bluntos, on the other hand, are more like a meal, the kind that you might need a doggie bag for. And when you do finally finish wolfing one down, you can pilfer the filter for your next batch of killer.