Holy Shit It’s THC-Infused Ketchup

Kiva Confections partners with Fatburger to “elevate your munchies”

Just as we were wiping the Bountiful Farms x Smoke Shop BBQ sauce from our chins, we are now receiving word that Kiva Confections is going big for 4/20 with a limited-release Fatburger ketchup collab.

Sorry New Englanders, but while Kiva does indeed sell other products here—and though we definitely have some clever cannabis condiments on the market in Mass—much like the great and greasy Fatburger chain, this one doesn’t appear to be coming to Mass anytime soon. Rather, the “first-of-its-kind cannabis ketchup” will be exclusively “available for a limited time only beginning April 6 at participating Artist Tree and Sweet Flower locations in Los Angeles locations.”

“As the market leader in cannabis edibles, we’re thrilled to continue pioneering innovative, yet everyday products that pave the way for cannabis normalization,” Kiva Co-Founder Kristi Palmer said in a statement. “We can’t think of a better partner for this than our favorite West Coast burger chain.”

Palmer added, “Though the partnership may seem unconventional, Fatburger and Kiva are both California-founded and beloved institutions. What better way for cannabis fans to celebrate 420 than with a delicious, elevated munchies meal—and for the cannacurious to take their first dip into cannabis one fry at a time.”

We can think of one better way—squirt some of that ketchup toward Boston next time.