Beboe Blood Orange Gummies: They’re Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

All-around inspired edibles with sugar coating like a jelly doughnut

There are two kinds of gummies: ones that we will try once and then remove from our future shopping list, and winners that we will return to for a second, third, and potentially even a lifetime.

Collectively, we don’t particularly care if they are natural, or even natural tasting, since edibles that bring back memories of chewing Bubble Yum on the school bus are cool too. It’s awesome if they are pure and organic, just not necessary. Some bites win us over with their mouthfeel and texture, or bite and flavor, or some combination of their assets. These blood orange Beboes may be artificially blended, but they hit all the right bells and buzzers.

We have used this comparison point for other new products, perhaps the feeling is a fad, but they remind us of those classic half-moon shaped dime store gummy fruit slices that had the outline of the orange flesh in white sugar. Do you remember how you’d get a perfect tooth mark if you bit one of those things in half? The Beboe separates in a similar fashion, and that’s a great thing. If you savor one for long enough, the slightly sweet, nuanced charmers will even melt in your cheek.

As for special effects, they’re pushing these as an “inspired blend” “for creativity” and “sparkly yet functional,” but we three found them to be rather chill. Beboe didn’t make us sleepy bye-bye, we’re just saying Beboe be mellow.

Finally, we drew up that assessment before doing further diligence and learning that Beboe is the baby of Scott Campbell, a famous New York tattoo artist who founded the company as an “upscale” brand. And sure, the packaging is pretty, but aesthetics and celebrity hysterics aside, these snacks slap because the diamond slices are a cut above generic competitors.