Belushi + Plant Jam, MedMen Boston Opens

“An homage to a drink made famous by John Candy in the Blues Brothers.”

Creamsicle Nostalgia

Look, we take some pride in not getting too starstruck like so many other putzes in the media, but when the name Belushi comes up, that’s a different story. And so we were interested to hear that “Plant Jam, a “Framingham-based cannabis edibles manufacturer founded by international chef David Yusefzadeh, is partnering with Jim Belushi’s Farm to produce a ‘Blues Brothers’ themed line of cannabis infused ice cream.”

Belushi’s Farm, located in Oregon, is featured on the Discovery Channel series Growing Belushi, where we suspect the Bay State will show up in season two due out in early 2022.

“I’ve met many cannabis chefs, but David’s approach is the truest because he uses the full plant and farm to table ingredients,” Belushi said. “I get a chill when I eat it. And then, I become chill. It’s on the same mission as the farm—boutique farm to table, organic, special.”

From the start, the Plant Jam plus Belushi collabo will “feature two flavors: Orange Whip and Java Chip,” with the former being “an homage to a drink made famous by John Candy in the Blues Brothers.” It’s the final concert scene, kids, now go and watch it.

“Jim is a leading entrepreneur in the multistate cannabis market and it’s a great opportunity for us to work with him and his team on this new line of products,” Yusefzadeh said. Orange Whip “features a classic creamsicle flavor and is made with fresh squeezed oranges, zest, and Tanzanian vanilla beans,” while their Java Chip “features rich coffee flavors and house-made chocolate chips.” The chef added, “Our goal from the beginning has been to offer great tasting infused edibles to consumers. This collaboration is perfectly in line with that goal.”

“The products shipped this week and can be found in cannabis retail shops throughout Massachusetts.”

Red Med

If you’re a fan of the Red Sox and green treats, then it is only a matter of time before you experience MedMen Fenway, a rather enormous new operation located in the heart at 120 Brookline Ave. Architects have converted the old parking garage in that space into a state of the art cannabis mart, a place equipped to serve several hundred customers an hour. We popped in for the grand opening last week, and while the vibe was very much relaxed, it’s clear that the dozens of employees on hand were ready for action, sort of like a benevolent army of red shirts anxious to get you that fix. The ones we spoke with knew about the products, too, which is an excellent sign.

And the menu is impressive. As far as we’re concerned, a dispensary ought to have some of the region’s higher-end products, preferably stuff that we’re not seeing everywhere, as well as more affordable options, and MedMen hits the mark on these fronts. From Dogwalkers pre-rolls to Slapz Live Rosin (plus other choices, like Grease Monkey and Creme Brulee) from top-notch manufacturer Southie Adams, they have the kind of goods that will land you flat on the couch, as well as some lighter choices for walking around upright. We picked up a gram of Pineapple Chunk Crumble from High Supply that smells and melts like a tropical beach vacation.

For edibles, MedMen made our head spin. In a positive clockwise direction that is, as they’re already stocking kickass eats from more than 30 brands, from Cresco to Wicked Sour by Sira. We picked up a 20-count of the latter’s citrus gummies, though had we been on the fence, this spot offers bite-sized samplers of several edibles for $2.50 a pop. Which seems ideal for Sox games, so that we can get what we need to stay buzzed through the ninth inning without having to worry about our extra medicated chocolates mixing in with nephew’s Cracker Jacks. Kids these days are so wasted on beer that’s readily available that the last thing they need is to get stoned as well.

In any case, we recommend stopping by before baseball season starts so you can learn the ins and outs of MedMen before the mobs arrive. Note: the entrance is around the side.