Inbox: The Wailers To Play the HighLifeStyle Cannabis Trade Show

“A fun environment to meet qualified customers who are interested in canna related products, services and creative arts”

We’ll be keeping you posted about everything regarding the upcoming HighLifeStyle Show in Boxborough from October 7 – 9, which is billed as “a gathering of brands, dispensaries, distributors, growers, artists, performers and consumers converging at a resort hotel conference setting with exhibitors, vendors, concerts, comedy, education, celebrities, socializing and networking.”

For starters, it’s produced by Dig friend Gary Sohmers, who throws a great party, along with the always-reliable NECANN. Plus we’re co-sponsoring, so you know it will be an amazing event that you can look forward to for a number of reasons. 

Among them: the Wailers!

More from the HighLifeStyle team below:

With medicinal and recreational now accessible in Massachusetts for adults over 21, users have choices of where to purchase their products and will eventually choose their favorite brands and retail outlets just like with other consumer products. Most other canna events are only aimed at the “industry” involving manufacturers and medication. We expect to be a place for cannabis brands and dispensaries to market to reach potential customers and new business relationships.

We will offer exhibitors and vendors a fun environment to meet qualified customers who are interested in canna related products, services and creative arts. There will be no THC products for sale on property.

As a business conference, one of our goals is to have businesses, entrepreneurs and brands to be able to meet the distributors, retailers and consumers in an entertaining, safe environment. Retail distributors can promote their products and retail locations in order to compete to attract new customers. Artists can find new fans. Craft growers can network to find supplies they may need to be an at-home botanist, or find outlets or job opportunities.

As a LifeStyle conference, we will be showcasing all aspects of the canna inspired culture including health, wellness, music, art, clothing, literature, food, cultivation, supplies, medical, educational and ancillary aspects including cannabis weddings and travel.

There will be two levels of participation involving access to indoor and outdoor activities. All attendees will be able to access all of the Exhibitors indoors and out.