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New Drop: Galactic Edibles Are Circus-Worthy Fun In Four Flavors

Mixing and matching new citrus, blue raspberry, watermelon, and grape gummies from C3 Industries

We look at gummies the same way a lot of people look at dating: it’s fun to experiment with messy and intoxicating high-maintenance heartaches, but ultimately it’s nice to settle down with something sweet, reliable, and squishy that doesn’t shatter the bank or tear your ass out.

Similar to our praise for Penny’s Candy by AMP, which we described as perfectly basic on a landscape loaded with products that span garbage to greatness, Galactic gummies are soft but sturdy enough that remnants won’t stick in your teeth, and rubbery but in a satisfying way like an eraser you can’t help but chew.

Our testing ground for these gems was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Boston last weekend. We know people take mushrooms for that sort of outing in the movies, but considering how many kids are at these things in real life, we figured edibles were more appropriate. And they worked magically, even bringing one of us to tears through an especially breathtaking tightrope act. The circus doesn’t actually have clowns anymore—who knew? Still, we laughed and laughed. And laughed.

We’ll also note that while it was already nice that tickets to the circus ran us only 15 bucks apiece, it’s also solid that these distillate gummies typically retail for even less than that, around $12. At that price, we recommend copping all of the flavors to mix and match. We split four bags up between the three of us, then produced some favorite combinations. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Watermelon + Blue Razz = More than just your favorite Slurpee combo when the Coca-Cola handle’s broken, this one-two fruit punch could be risky with some other edibles, but the sweetness of these pectin squares is well balanced by the noticeable tartness.

  • Citrus + Grape = The zing of a Sour Patch Kid for a moment, with a similar mouthfeel and taste as that modern classic, chased by the quarter water grape flavor of Vitamin 50 sports drink (RIP).

  • All Of The Above = The perfect fruit salad, a party in your mouth. And they’re small, so you might as well double or triple up.

“Galactic’s Gummies offer not only delicious flavor but also fast-acting effects,” Scott Franco, the VP of marketing for the manufacturing C3 Industries, said in a statement. C3 is also behind Cloud Cover and the High Profile x Budega dispensaries in Boston.

Vishal Rungta, the president and co-founder of C3, added, “This launch represents the culmination of Galactic’s comprehensive lineup of everyday cannabis products, catering to a wide spectrum of users with varying preferences and needs.”

Like the circus, it’s a big tent, and we thoroughly enjoyed the party underneath it.