Queso Perro, A Dab That Stands Out And Sticks To Your Nostrils

It must also stick to your brain, because I can’t stop thinking about the savory scent

First of all, there’s the consistency. At this price point (as low as $35 a gram at Budega, the sister store of the Cloud Cover cultivator behind this cheese melt), you can’t get much else in this elevated range, but especially not a high-quality budder like this.

The touch, malleability, and clarity of this dab are merely sideshows though, since the main event is its loud and unforgettable smell. It fills your nostrils like a pound of provolone, in a way that few cannabis products can compare, smacking anybody in a 10-foot range in the prosciutto. Here’s how I found out …

After driving for three hours to Connecticut to visit family recently, I wanted to unwind. So I broke out my travel rig and broke open a can of Queso Perro for a scoop. I didn’t actually pull the trigger on my torch inside the guest room though, because exposing a gram of this particular concentrate to the air was enough to make all of my relatives think I had roasted a blunt in the bathroom. No matter what I said, they absolutely wouldn’t believe that I didn’t smoke something inside. As if I wasn’t already a pariah.

If only my uncles and aunts were deep into dabbing, then perhaps they could appreciate how Queso Perro sticks to your skin, its overwhelming brunch aroma like a savory cannabis smear—even before you put a flame to it. Give me a tub of this rub and I’ll spread it on bread and even find a place for it with the main course. A meal for the whole family. If only.

As for the details, Cloud Cover explains that Queso Perro, an exclusive for the company, “is a cross of UK Cheese x Stardawg.” “Bred in-house at Cloud Cover Cannabis,” the “hybrid includes a skunky cheese aroma with notes of coffee kush and offers a soothing, relaxing high great for winding down after a busy day.” 

It’s also packing an extraordinary 3.44% total terpene percentage; like I said, there’s no shielding the scent of this one. Discreet heads need not apply.

Now get yourself a rig, a couch, some red wine and crackers, and call it a dab.