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New Drop: Squier’s Elixirs Are The Thicker Mixers In Our Pitchers

We have been told by some makers of cannabis beverages and drink mixes that certain companies are steering clear of doing hash-rosin infusions because average consumers don’t want to taste the actual weed in products at all.

On the other hand, some companies are audacious, or at least willing to give the rest of us a lick of what we want. Which are products that get us extremely stoned and at least taste a little bit like the (hopefully premium) plant from which they come.

These drink mixers from Squier’s—spanking new specialty “elixirs” on the Mass market this month—fall squarely in that category.

There’s a subtlety and smoothness here that’s missing with some of the powdered drink mixes—even ones we love, like Vibations and Evervibe. While it may not be quite as convenient to carry around as a packet—Squier’s is the same size as one of those energy shots from the gas station counter—they are definitely way more natural tasting. It’s like we’re hanging in the fresh fruit section taste-wise, with a product that is an impressive all-natural concentrate, containing nothing other than raspberries, squeezed citrus, and organic raw blue agave.

As for further specs and background authenticity, Squier’s does have an actual namesake in chef Zack Squier of Portland, Maine. That’s where the beverage brand started, and the Mass expansion line—manufactured by the Orange-based Temple Hill Collective, which also makes popular liquids including HighTide, the canna margarita—is hardly an afterthought. From the launch, they are releasing bottles of Blueberry Lemon, Raspberry Lime, Mandarin Mango, Pink Pineapple, and a Sleepy Time Blackberry Lavender that has CBN and CBD in addition to THC.

We found Squier’s to be notably versatile, as advertised. We mixed ’em a smorgasbord of hot and cold cocktails and distributed dollops onto everything from scrambled eggs to devil’s food cake. We’ve only used the 10mg bottles so far, but their 2oz option with 100mgs for $25 is high on our want list.

“Within minutes of meeting with Chef Zack Squier and sampling Squier’s delicious elixirs, our team knew we needed to bring these amazing products to the Massachusetts market,” Temple Hill Collective Co-Founder Tom McMenemy said in an announcement.

Temple Hill Co-Founder Chris Carbone added, “From the fresh fruit and citrus to the solventless live hash rosin infusions, every detail of the product and process has been meticulously refined.”

We concur.