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Playing It Straight: These Smyth Prerolls Smoke Like Cigs

A super satisfying smoking experience with exposed flower and flavor to savor

Last year, we started off on a crusade to possibly identify or at the least acquire knowledge that can help somebody, somewhere (hopefully in Mass) create the perfect preroll. 

In the beginning, we asked questions about why so many damn joints on the market tend to canoe. That initial column went somewhat viral, spurring old and new readers alike to point us in the direction of brands that are doing interesting things in this space. (As for the canoe issue, we’ve come to the conclusion that while there is some culpability on the part of manufacturers and growers in regard to cure, filter, and air flow, it’s really in the smoker’s power to prevent uneven burns by employing some simple practices.)

In one example of solutions on the seller’s side of the transaction, there is Bud’s Goods & Services, which commissioned multiple proprietary miracle machines that pack prerolls, punch in the Dutch crown, pop it in a tube, and plug the top for freshness. They’re producing thousands of reliable cones for their own Bud’s brands and other companies as well.

On a smaller scale with a much different spin is Farnsworth, a boutique brand based in Western Mass. Aside from some comparably-shaped blunt products, their cigarette-like prerolls are some of the only ones we’ve seen that are equally wide on both sides.

Enter Smyth’s new stuffies. They’re straightaway, just like a stogie. And they are truly fun to smoke, making for big mouthfuls of great marijuana. Unlike the Farnsworth sticks, which have a squishy mouthpiece like a Camel, these prerolls have a traditional hollow joint filter, and evict the kind of hit that has you eyeing the impressive engineering and nodding as clouds settle in your lungs.

It doesn’t hurt that Smyth has some seriously spectacular weed; we sampled their Miracle Mints, which are sweet enough to numb the tongue, and a Lilac Diesel that packs more flowery potpourri than a suburban gift shop. In this format, the flavor is on full display; at 2.75 inches, they’re slighter than most other full-gram options on the market, but they more than make up for any shortcomings with nice width that fosters slow roasting and easy stubbing.

And finally, it’s worth noting the high potential functionality of a cannabis joint that tricks the brain into thinking it’s pulling on a Parliament—that notably wide filter puckering your lips more than most prerolls, along with hits that feel significantly more satisfying than most factory fatties. 

We hardly have the research to prove it, but judging from our own experience with these Smyth rolls, there’s no reason to reach for a hard pack of butts ever again.