Pot-ent Pairings: Apricot-Filled Buns With A High-THC Chaser

Austrian Buchteln with Banana Macaroon flower

Baking, text, and photos by Jason Pramas

Cannabis pairing by John Loftus

For a brunch with a difference, we made ourselves some Buchteln, the Austrian version of the little filled (or sometimes not) baked yeast buns of a thousand names (they were originally known as Buchty and hailed from Bohemia in the Czech Republic before spreading all over Europe).

We baked them with the traditional (for Austria) homemade apricot jam inside and topped them with powdered sugar—using the great recipe by Austrian native Li’l Vienna.

We then served the warm, lightly sweet treats with an eighth of Banana Macaroon flower from Cresco, which we picked up via Doobie’s delivery service. A high-THC sativa (23.9%) with fruity currents and a noticeable energetic quality, it’s nearly speedy enough to replace your morning coffee.

Just take a puff, pour some milk to maximize the flavor of your Buchteln and your smoke, and dig in.

3_25_23 Buchteln - Apricot-Filled Buns - Jason Pramas