Pot Shots: 2nd Annual Solar Disc Golf Invitational At Maple Hill

Massachusetts cannabis community gathers at premier alternative sporting venue for second annual scramble

So much for jokes and cliches about stoners being slackers, or just cheering from the sidelines. From the TeeHC Open and other popular golf outings, to last week’s Boston Cannabis Week pickleball tournament, there’s been a lot of action at the intersection of the industry and the segment of the Mass pot consumer base that’s actively looking for unique social consumption events.

The Solar Invitational at Maple Hill in Leicester was no small effort, with sponsors at all corners the massive course and teams competing from more than two dozen brands. Maple Hill is widely recognized as one of the premier facilities of its kind in the world, and the weed community staged an impressive takeover. 

More than a few companies brought out ringers, and with all the crossover between the cannabis and disc golf worlds, they didn’t even have to recruit outside of their cultivations and dispensaries.