New Weed Music + Interview: “Open Up Your Bag” By DJ Slim

We are extremely fortunate to have some of the weed world’s most enduring hip-hop voices call the Bay State home, and for his latest single, the legendary DJ Slim enlisted one of his fellow Mass grass music makers. Directed by Myster DL’s ILL Mannered Films, which has also handled visuals for the likes of Cypress Hill, the video for Slim’s new “Open Up Your Bag” offers a snapshot of Mass cannabis culture at this moment.

“Everybody knows I have been doing marijuana music for decades now, and I have a bunch of projects out, but now I want to start putting more singles out so that people are hearing everything,” Slim said in a recent interview. “Times have changed, people don’t listen to music how they used to with a whole big project, so now I’m dropping every month.”

The new vid features Slim with friends from the Mass cannabis community, all hanging at events like the Boston Freedom Rally where he’s made his name puffing and rhyming over the years.

“For me, it’s not hard for me to stay in this lane because I’ve been in it for so long,” Slim added. “But now since weed is more fashionable, everybody wants to rap about weed, so I’m trying to definitely stay relevant. I’m also letting people know so they can listen to my past music, because that’s really where you learn about me.”

He continued, “The masses have to know that the fight is still on, it’s not over just because weed is legal in a few states. There are still rules and regulations that have to be balanced out, and I try to bring that message through my music.”

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