“Sports World Revisited” Special To Reunite Boston Sports Hosts On Cannabis Platform

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young and Mike Adams this week at the Summit Lounge

Massachusetts sports fans who smoke weed—rejoice!

There’s something going down at the Summit Lounge in Worcester this Wednesday that will tickle all of your receptors.

New England cannabis heads know Jimmy Young from his work with Pro Cannabis Media and his regular show, In The Weeds. But before that, the host had a storied 30-year career in sports television, including a stint on the early NECN show Sports World with Mike Adams. Also a well-known longtime cannabis advocate, the Emmy-winning Adams currently hosts the Planet Mikey Show.

And this week, the tag team is uniting at the Summit for a live reunion show. Their tagline for the two-hour “really live talk show”—“Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Weed but were afraid to ask!”

Young is sure that the event, especially the interactive home component, will help flatten the learning curve for people who know him and Adams from the sports world, but who aren’t yet as knowledgeable about pro cannabis as they are pro sports …

“Some people are afraid to just be seen going into a cannabis dispensary, even though it is legal in 21 states, but they are curious enough to ask questions about cannabis’ magical medicinal qualities,” Young said. “This so-called group of people are referred to as the ‘canna curious’ in the industry, and it explains why the 50-plus demographic is the fastest growing group in the business.”

As for his co-host for the interactive special, Young said, “Mike Adams is one of the funniest people on Earth.” They’ll be playing old clips, cracking jokes, and taking questions. He continued, “Our run in the 1990s on Sports World, when NECN was launched, was quite an experience.” 

Wednesday’s event will also feature “cannabis trivia questions and contests, a live mic for audience attendees who want to ask questions, a packed swag bag of promotional items from industry businesses, and some other surprise guests on Zoom and in person.” It’s also worth noting that the show is sponsored by Berkshire Roots, so this will be a great place to pick up swag from their killer new collab with Heavy Metal Cannabis.

More info and tickets at eventbrite.com.