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Strain Game: Behold The Butterwolf By Tower Three

Cross between kush classics and some other favorites has real staying power plus mascot potential

If Butterwolf was a cartoon character, it would be light green and diamond studded, with wispy orange hairs randomly sprouting off every limb.

Its temperament and odor would be bold yet just short of aggressive—until it begins to activate. That’s when the real fireworks begin.

One left hook from Butterwolf, and it’s like catching a delicious can of oil in the nose. By the time the right arm swings, your entire dome is bathed in terps, a supreme limonene dream.

And you know what comes next. … The body blows, which go down remarkably smoothly and taste great in the process.

The award-winning Teaming With Terps team behind these genetics had big dreams for Butterwolf. Strain monger James Wormser, who is also the head of cultivation at Tower Three, gushed about the project in an interview with us last year when the initial batch was still in living soil in their Taunton cultivation. As he explained, “Butterwolf is Swamp Thing crossed with Peanut Butter Breath, the Swamp Thing is Triangle Kush crossed with Grandpa’s Breath, and the Grandpa’s Breath is OG [Kush Breath], Tahoe OG [Kush], and [Grandaddy Purple].”

In some ways, Butterwolf is more than just the sum of its parts, since it succeeds on the strength of its parents without leaning too hard on their legacies. It pays homage to many of the classic cuts that came before it, with strong kush notes exploding at random through the smoking experience. Every time we burp out the remains from a heavy hit of this stuff, we smell something completely different. Similarly, we let a gram sit out for half an hour while discussing Butterwolf, and whiffed at least a dozen highlights, from beloved OG varieties to old-school South Florida Crippy.

A lot of cultivators have learned how to grow weed that is gassy without choking you to death, and that is sweet without leaving a cavity. But crossing something new and lasting that heads will want to burn up for ages is another story altogether. To that end, Butterwolf’s as worthy of a mascot as it is of your hard-earned weed budget, and checks all of the critical boxes for staying power plus some others.

“We’re introducing a lot of new strains, from seed and from clone,” Wormser said in November, fresh off a win at The Harvest Cup in Worcester. “We’re trying to grow a lot of strains that no one else has—some of my work, some other people’s work. We’re looking for unique expressions that we are excited to share.”