These Bright Cannabis Chews Made Our Tongues Blue And Thoughts Bright

“Sweet and delicious in that unmistakable boardwalk or carnival way”

First of all, these are chews, not gummies.

That’s an important distinction, essentially the textural difference between salt water taffy and a Sour Patch Kid.

Although this is a fruit candy, there’s no ignoring its caramel qualities, sort of like a softer infused artisanal Tootsie Roll. That applies to the feel too: don’t go handling a Hi-Burst at a crime scene and then accidentally forget it, because your fingerprint will leave a clear impression. And unlike a gumdrop-style candy that reverts to its original shape after a squeeze, a Hi-Burst maintains its new form. And then there is the flavor … 

We tried the blue raspberry from their new sour spinoff line, which also features nine other options including pineapple orange, lemonade, and a live resin version of blue ras which presumably slaps harder. It’s really too bad that kids can’t go near these because they’re sweet and delicious in that unmistakable boardwalk or carnival way, tangy cotton candy good to make you zany. As noted above, there’s a caramelized complexity to all of them; the strawberry version, for example, registers as “strawberry pie and homemade milkshakes,” according to the manufacturer. None of us have ever thought to blend raspberry and toffee before, but it works. Not that we’re surprised.

Originally available in the Pacific Northwest, which by the way doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves for its contributions to cannabis due to the thunderous shadow of Cali, it’s encouraging to see the Hi-Burst formula successfully expand into Mass market with the smoothness of one of their original non-sour exteriors. We’ll also note that they come from the makers of Chewee’s, another fave of ours.

Oh right, just one more thing. These might not kick in for two hours. We may or may not have seen that noted on the bag before we tore into six and went about our business writing this before getting interrupted by a phone call then some noodles and a podcast or two. It’s fortunate that we had basically finished this writeup by the time they activated, because there wasn’t much more work getting done after that.