Upcoming: Berkshire Roots Hosting Medical Pop-Up To Educate Patients

Program follows dispensary’s launch of medical marijuana program

Even with recreational dispensaries sprouting anew every month in the Bay State, the medical marijuana market is thriving in its own right, with north of $20 million in sales in some months (compared to about $120 million on the adult-use side). All while the Cannabis Control Commission and Mass lawmakers consider changes that could increase patient access and even provide consumers of adult-use and medical dispensaries of cannabis with medical professionals for consultation.

Likewise, even with their hands full dropping new products like their killer collaboration with Heavy Metal magazine, Berkshire Roots is jumping into that side of the game by launching medical sales at its East Boston store in June.

“Bucking industry trends, where most dispensaries tend to migrate from medical sales to adult use, Berkshire Roots has made the decision to add medical to its robust adult use program in East Boston to offer those residents the benefits and savings of being a medical patient,” the company explained in a statement. They have served patients at their Pittsfield location for several years.

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The Berkshire Roots team continued: “Medical patients enjoy many benefits, most notably cardholders are exempt from state and local taxes, which could mean up to 20% cost savings over adult use purchases. Medical patients are also able to purchase up to 10 ounces of flower every 60 days as well as other medical patient deals, special product pricing, and daily incentives through the Berks Perks loyalty program.”

Infographic via Berkshire Roots

To launch their new initiative in Eastie, Berkshire Roots is linking with the certification company Canna-Wise Alternative Medicine to host an informational pop-up on June 2 “to educate new patients.” “During this event, and others scheduled throughout the month, medical providers will be offering information and a discount card which can be redeemed for up to 50% off the medical certification application process.”

“Many individuals turn to cannabis as a vital part of their health and wellbeing,” Berkshire Roots CEO Zach Helms said. “Patient care is our priority at our dispensaries. The benefits from a health and wellness perspective as well as pricing discounts only available to medical cannabis patients allow us to provide solutions such as higher potency products and also offer discounts not offered to the adult use market. This, in turn, makes cannabis even more accessible to more individuals.”