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Video: Cannabis As A Harm Reduction Three-Part Webinar

“Practical applications for clinical medicine, patients, policy makers, and academics.”

We were excited to be the media sponsor of a recent three-part webinar series on Cannabis as a Harm Reduction webinar series hosted by the Cannabis Center of Excellence and Dr. Peter Grinspoon.

As we noted last week, the events have drawn big crowds and even caught the attention of local stakeholders as well as national policymakers and researchers. And even though the series is behind us, the CCOE’s work on this front is only beginning.

Those who missed the first-run Zoom casts have also been able to keep up with the research in recaps, like this post about “how cannabis consumers and patients use cannabis to reduce the unwanted use of other substances, including prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and recreational street drugs.”

And now, people can also watch via the recordings below, which CCOE President Dr. Marion McNabb said “breaks down research findings into practical applications for clinical medicine, patients, policy makers, and academics to understand the implications of integrating cannabis as a harm-reduction therapy on real world clinical practice.”