Video: Inside Somerville’s First Adult-Use Dispensary, The Goods

Massive selection, flower you can smell, and popups all week in Davis Square

As we noted on one glorious day a few weeks ago when not just one but two new dispensaries opened in our backyard, the actual distinction of being the first recreational shop in Somerville belongs to The Goods, which started serving the public in November from its Davis Square location next to Diesel Cafe (and across from Sira Naturals, which is also now open for rec sales).

Now that they’ve been up and running for a few weeks, we visited The Goods to learn more about their approach to retail. True to the dispensary’s name, they bring a whole lot to the table, and not just on the green front (though we’ll get to that too). They also have significant community dynamics baked into the operation, from an accessible public event space to merch designed by local artists (including Dana Woulfe, who also sprayed the mural on the back wall of the store).

As for the goods themselves, as in the products, you’ll have to check this place out for yourself to see that we’re not exaggerating, but this is easily among the most impressive spreads in Mass. The showroom is covered in glass cases and shelves displaying everything from top-tier dabs to prerolls, and you can closely examine their flower through mini lucite boxes that have magnifiers for close-up examination as well as a button you can push for a fresh terpene waft and smell test. Also, notably, it’s the kind of spot where you can take your time, maybe even chat off to the side with a budtender as opposed to having to make a decision in a pinch because there are four more people in line behind you.

Check out our video dispatch and talk with their team, and if you’re in the area they have a ribbon-cutting this morning plus multiple vendor popups and raffles in-store every day through Saturday. Also on Saturday, the Spotted Tiger Duo will perform at The Goods starting at 5pm, with popups from Dinner at Mary’s and Cloud Creamery.