Virtual Event: Cannabis Sesh With Vincent & Eric Of Green Goddess Supply

They’re almost like Dr. Emmett Browns of the cannabis space. And now they’re here to answer your questions in a virtual hangout

Some Dig readers may recall Green Goddess Supply from our gushing coverage of their trademark Armoire, a nondescript (though sleek) piece of furniture that is “equipped with a high quality Australian carbon scrubber and 12 spectrum and high PAR, low-heat proprietary LED lighting” and that “inhibits mold, odor and pests.”

That’s right folks, it’s a DIY grow chamber for your living room that a stranger could place a cup of coffee on without realizing there’s magic being made in their presence.

Green Goddess also happens to be the plug for a number of other sweet cannabis accessories and devices; they’re almost like Dr. Emmett Browns of the cannabis space. And now they’re back to answer your questions via virtual hangout with another installment of their “Sesh with Vincent and Eric” set for this weekend.

More from the team over there below:

Pack a bowl of your favorite treat, kick back and join the leaders of Green Goddess Supply for a lively, fun conversation. The no agenda “Sesh with Vincent and Eric” is set for Sunday, January 31, at 4 p.m. EST (1pm PST).  Eric Robichaud and Vincent Bitetti of Green Goddess Supply will riff on home grow tips and techniques, fun cannabis accessories or topics outside the weeds like music, film and daily life.  

Eric Robichaud and Vincent Bitetti are far from Cheech and Chong stoners. Friends and colleagues for over 27 years, the two have gone from being “the” industry leader in computer screensaver development for numerous Hollywood studios (producing screensavers for Star Trek to The Twilight Zone) to creating The Armoire, an heirloom quality home grow cabinet that even your most disapproving aunt would not detect.

And their traveling accessory van and online presence offer high-end accessories such as the Saxophone Pipe and Bamboo Rolling Tray among a catalog of others. They are the new breed of cannabis executives who are both fun and focused. “We had been doing regular webinars,” says Robichaud, “and we will continue to do those. But those are scripted, with a set agenda, and meant to be educational on a very specific topic.” 

But often participants have other questions not directly related to the topic being presented.  Thus, the duo decided it would be interesting to merely make themselves casually available, with no specific agenda, and take questions from the field, so to speak, riffing on whatever is on people’s minds.

Also featuring edibles Chef Carolyn Alexander from @loudgirlgoodies and a seed breeder from Gnome Automatics.



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