We Love These Edibles: Blue Raz Dream Choice Chews

A wholly different berry flavor with some extra punch for TAC hunters

There we were, tossing a few of these diamond blue gummies into our high holes like we do any old product we’re sampling. And before we knew it, they were gone. And we were wasted.

One look at the package revealed what happened—each piece was two servings!

It’s worth noting, since we will probably be seeing more of this, that Choice Chews come as two two triangle servings in one square with a light perforation down the middle. That means each piece is basically 10mg unless you break them up—which, let’s be honest, you’re unlikely to do whether you realize it ahead of time or not.

But it’s not simply the size or dosage of these soft sugary wedges that inspired us to spill some ink about Choice Chews. Rather, it’s the taste …

A few molecules short of feeling artificial, they’re somehow so delicious that one is compelled to respect the scientist behind them. The high was proper too, and lasted for several hours, but it all kept coming back to the unique sweetness and extreme berry after-twist. We simply want more. And more. And more.

The Michigan-based manufacturers from Glorious Cannabis (based here in Uxbridge) went the all-natural route, spinning pure raspberry brilliance from little more than usual ingredients like pectin and sugar with their own ethanol extract. Back to the dosage though … 

Our package had a whopping 108.64 mg of THC, almost 10 mg more than you typically see but within the acceptable 110 mg margin. Perhaps thanks to that extra oomph, the effects matched the flavor in being bombastic enough to remember—and in our case, enough to repurchase, or even push us to sample one of their other flavors.

If they’re anything like Blue Raz Dream, then we’re excited to overindulge asap.