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Big And Powerful: Zen Cannabis Fast-Acting Fruit Punch Gummy Rounds

Finally, something for adult-use cannabis consumers in Massachusetts looking to munch 50mg at a time

We write about a lot of gummies because, well, we eat a lot of gummies. And as anyone who gobbles handfuls of chewables will tell you, that tolerance goes up quite quickly.

With an increasing number of adult-use consumers looking for higher-dose products, we have seen a migration toward syrups and tinctures, one of which just cracked the 1,000 mg ceiling. But again, we love gummies, and despite the fact that most of them are still 5mg, we haven’t given up on them.

Lucky for us and others with a higher threshold, companies like Zen are pushing envelopes and slinging way more bang with fewer calories. Kosmik (by Regenerative) was one of the first to stretch the mold, offering gummies that include “two slices per piece – 5mg at a time,” basically making for chubby two-in-one numbers with a perforation down the middle and a state-required warning embossment on each side.

Kosmik even pushed it farther than its twofers with a Black Hole sleep aid, which packs 50mg in each piece across 10 partitions. And now Zen has followed suit, in its case introducing 50mg discs that come two to a bag for your full 100mg Massachusetts maximum.

Zen, which is manufactured here by Ganesh Wellness in West Boylston, is a well-established brand in other states, and the company’s 5mg semi-natural offerings are north of average and worth munching. But the silver dollar-sized 10-dose circle is especially notable—not only because you can consume the same amount of THC for a fifth of the calories, but also because you can simply eat less and get wasted much faster.

And that’s exactly what we did. Even with high tolerances all around, three of us felt the full kick of these 50mg frisbees within 20-or-so minutes, and rode it out for several hours. They’re tasty too, a mouthful of fruit punch at once instead of a drop at a time.

We don’t recommend the big Zen for those searching for a small buzz, or to anybody who would actually break out an X-Acto blade to split one of these up. But for health-conscious consumers looking for a big buzz, we recommend keeping a two-pack of these handy.