Burning An Eighth Of London Pound Cake On Our Way To Fenway Park

An all-day indica slugger to lift spirits and lower eyelids (but not all the way)

We’ll make this one quick. We picked up some of this famously potent London Pound Cake cultivated by the Kynd folks at Sira on Newbury Street. We were simply looking for something to smoke en route to Fenway, but got much more pregame action than expected.

Looking at these buds is like staring deep into a kaleidoscope—whatever color it is that you like in flower, you’ll find it somewhere in here, from pepperings of purple and flashes of orange to a significant crystal and flake dusting.

And the smell is more than simply sweet—there’s an earthiness underscoring this bud that especially comes through while it’s burning. We didn’t have the right equipment going to the Sox game, but can imagine that a mouthful of this London Pound Cake’s vapor would be lovely to choke on.

A blunt made for citrusy mouthfuls, with the first effects kicking in right away and the tail swinging through the first several innings.

Kynd calls this a daytime indica, and we wouldn’t disagree. Per its rep and duly confirmed by our baseball-bound crew, this stuff will knock your Sox off. Even if it doesn’t slow you down all the way, with a TAC above 30%, it doesn’t pair well with heavy machinery. Or light machinery, for that matter.

It’s fantastic for an afternoon at Fenway though. Home run.