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Crushing Hard On Packs Mini Bursts

All the fun of Camel Crush butts—but in an infused joint without tobacco, tar, or nicotine

Imagine for a second that it is the late ’90s, or perhaps the early Aughts.

Nelly’s burning shit up at the MTV Beach House, and you just spent half of your week’s summer salary from Wet Seal on a new Von Dutch hat like a jackass.

You’re a teenager but you’re already hopelessly hooked on tobacco, almost entirely thanks to a technological development called Camel Crush that’s right up there with the nuclear bomb in terms of potential for widespread havoc.

Simple yet remarkable in many ways, the Crush looks like a normal filtered cigarette, but is actually much more. Sort of like the dashboard button in a meathead’s muscle car that they can push to boost acceleration using nitrous oxide, you unsheathed these Camels in public on special occasions and squeezed them tightly between your index finger and thumb for a dopamine rush, and possibly to show off to your friends.

Enter the new Packs Mini Bursts by Packwoods, a brand that screws down every last delicious detail on several distinct products. Like its glass cone joints and Packarillos blunts, these canna nods to Camel Crush and other halcyon smoke shop nostalgia are more than merely a pretty package—they’re truly fun to puff, stuffed with cream-of-the-crop buds, infused with hash rosin, and powerful despite each spliff only being a half-gram (they come in packs of five for a total of 2.5 grams, with TAC clocking in close to 30% in the jar we sampled).

Perhaps most importantly, Mini Bursts are well engineered, meaning they actually work! This isn’t one of those overbaked infused prerolls that melts into a sad puddle of resin; rather, they perform as promised—all you have to do is light it, puff it, squeeze it, pop it, and enjoy.

As for the actual flavor burst at the heart of this Tootsie Roll—it’s a “naturally derived fruit terpene ball,” which sounds much healthier than what the Camel folks are using. And that Mini Bursts description definitely checks out; we passed around the Blue Slurpie edition with a strawberry-vanilla enhancement, and can confirm the premo quality of the pot plus the power of the pop. It’s a lunchbox full of flavor crammed into a little cone and it’s outstanding.

A friend from New York bragged that consumers in their adult-use market, which is miles behind Mass by multiple other measures, has enjoyed these for a while. We told him—now that we have Packwoods in the Bay State, there’s no longer any reason we can think of to crush on our neighbors.