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How To Tell The DEA That Cannabis Doesn’t Belong In Schedule I

The federal comment portal is still open for nearly two months—here’s how you can submit comments on cannabis reclassification

The US Drug Enforcement Administration is currently accepting comments from the public on whether to reclassify cannabis. The agency is accepting comments until July 22, 2024 via the Federal eRulemaking Portal.

This is a unique opportunity for patients, physicians, and others to provide first-hand insight to administrators affirming the safety and efficacy of cannabis. The US Department of Health and Services based its recommendation on real-world clinical evidence. Your submissions will help to reaffirm their conclusions that cannabis “has a currently accepted medical use” and that its abuse potential does not warrant its placement as either a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance.

Our political opponents are encouraging their members to weigh in with negative comments urging administrators to keep cannabis in Schedule I. We must push back against their scare tactics and sensational claims.

We must do so with one voice and by providing a clear and concise message: That cannabis has legitimate medical utility and that it doesn’t possess the same potential for abuse as substances in either Schedule I or Schedule II. While NORML strongly believes that cannabis should be removed from the CSA altogether – thereby harmonizing federal cannabis policy with those of most US states – we nonetheless do not oppose the factual basis underlying HHS’ recommendation to move botanical cannabis to Schedule III or lower.

This is a historic opportunity to influence the most significant change in federal law in over five decades. Please personalize NORML’s sample letter provided below and share your opinion with the DEA.


  • Copy the sample public comment below and paste it into the Comment section.

  • Personalize the sample comment to tell your story. For example, if you are a patient who has been able to reduce your use of opioids with medical cannabis, please share your experience. If you reside in a state where medical cannabis is legal and you have witnessed the positive health and economic impacts of this policy change, please elaborate. If you are a physician and you have seen your patients respond favorably to cannabis therapy, now is the time to share your expert opinion. If you operate a state-licensed cannabis business, and you have been struggling to make ends meet because of 280E requirements, explain how this change will benefit you economically.

  • Enter your email address (optional).

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  • Submit comment.

    Additional step-by-step directions on how to submit public comments are available from the Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform.

    This column was republished from NORML. Visit to read their sample public comment.