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Kowloon Collaborates With Levia On Infused Mai Tai Seltzer

Upcoming product release parties at Ayr in Watertown and Kowloon in Saugus

Kowloon is well known for a lot of things. Family nights and major portions. Local quasi-celebrity cameos. Cartoonish North Shore guidos hurling giant plates of noodles at each other in a drunken late-night rage. Among other enticing attractions.

But unless you count the several million blunts and bowls that get puffed in the Saugus staple’s massive Route 1 parking lot by hardworking massholes preparing to eat their way to temporary happiness through a Peninsula Pu Pu Platter and several heavy pours, it’s not exactly a brand that’s affiliated with cannabis, making today’s news that the restaurant partnered with Ayr Wellness on a THC drink quite thrilling.

And hey, why shouldn’t Kowloon ride the weed wave? In a few years, even the Roman Catholic Church will have a licensing deal for dosed Christ cakes, so props to those who are already doing their thing.

“With more than seven decades in service, we are always looking for new ways to bring excitement and fun to our customers, and Ayr has provided us an opportunity to do just that,” Kowloon Co-Owner Bob Wong said in a media statement. “As demand for cannabis-infused beverages rises, we are pleased to meet customers’ evolving interests by putting a twist on our timeless cocktail.”

Kowloon is in good hands; notably, those of Ayr and more specifically its Mass-born cannabis seltzer and tincture line Levia. The company’s perennial offerings are all proven hits and the seasonal specials are typically top notch as well, so there’s all kinds of potential in play. Here’s what the partners foreshadowed in a joint press release … 

“[Ayr/Levia] has partnered with the iconic Kowloon Restaurant, the Boston area’s landmark Asian restaurant and entertainment destination, to launch a new limited edition cannabis-infused seltzer. The Levia Kowloon Mai Tai seltzer pays homage to Kowloon’s famous Mai Tai cocktail while elevating summer’s warm, sunny days with a fast-acting, expertly formulated infused beverage bursting with vibrant, all-natural flavor.”

And there’s a release party too: “Levia and Kowloon will commemorate the launch of the infused Mai Tai beverage with a celebration on June 1, 2024 from 11:30am – 2:30pm EST at Ayr’s Watertown Dispensary, located at 48 North Beacon Street, Watertown. Guests can sample non-infused versions of the beverage and visit Kowloon’s on-site food truck.”

Also, “Levia will also provide samples of the uninfused beverage on Friday, June 14, 2024 at Kowloon Restaurant’s 21+ evening of live music event located at 948 Broadway Saugus.” And, “The new infused beverage will be available at Ayr’s dispensaries across Greater Boston, as well as retail partners across the state beginning on Saturday, June 1.”

“It brings us great pride to collaborate with one of Massachusetts’ most famous restaurants to create a one-of-a-kind cannabis beverage experience,” Ayr CEO David Goubert said. “Kowloon is an institution in Greater Boston, a place where so many have celebrated and spent time with friends and family. … We are thrilled to bring a small part of that experience to our customers with our latest seasonal Levia flavor.”

“We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Wong family and this legendary establishment,” added Kristin Rogers, co-founder of Levia Brands. “By using all natural terpenes, our team was able to find the perfect combination to honor Kowloon’s iconic Mai Tai while staying true to our unmatched refreshing, low dose, zero calorie, zero sugar, fast acting sativa blend.”

We also reached out for a comment from iconic Boston rabble rouser and comedian Robby Roadsteamer, who has centered countless bits and jokes around the legendary restaurant for decades.

“The Mai ThaiHCs better have at least 50 mgs in em!” he told Talking Joints Memo. “I wanna be high as the Route 1 Orange Dinosaur when I’m chasing Saugus 7’s around the boatroom.”

Sadly, due to Massachusetts regulations, the Kowloon-Levia Mai Tais are just 5 mg each, but we nevertheless share the excitement.