New Drop: The Botanist Fast-Acting Gummies

Dear passengers, takeoff will come much sooner than usual

Here at Talking Joints Memo, we aspire to sample every last one of the thousands of cannabis products on the market. It’s not humanly possible, still we persevere. We must.

This task is of course made that much more difficult by the nonstop stream of new drops—on the flower as well as the infused side of the menu. That’s fine by us though; we’re equipped for the long haul, and we always welcome clever and unique additions to our cupboard—some of which just hit shelves over the past few weeks.

In other words, we appreciate tech-driven treats like the new fast-acting gummies from the Botanist. In short, as the company explains, while “traditional edibles may take one to four hours to take effect,” theirs work in “approximately five to 15 minutes.”

Which is impressive, as well as something to be extremely aware of. The same goes if you’re chewing Wana gummies or anything else noted for its accelerated course of action.

As for the technology behind their TiME machine (they call it an “Azuca TiME Infusion), the Botanist describes “a unique, innovative, individual molecule encapsulation method that aims to deliver potentially fast-acting THC with delicious fruit flavors,” with a complementary “proprietary infusion method [that] allows for greater Delta-9 THC absorption without an unpleasant taste or texture.”

The gummies currently come in orange (sativa) and strawberry (indica), while both are vegan and gluten-free and generate a “euphoric high.” Furthermore, “each offering incorporates the flavor of real white wine grapes along with the added qualities of cannabis terpenes.”

“More cannabis consumers are looking for dose-able products that provide a predictable and positive social experience,” Peter Caldini, CEO of the Botanist parent company Acreage, said in a statement. “The Botanist Fast-Acting Gummies will meet this consumer need as an innovative edible with a quick onset and sophisticated taste.”