Pot Date: Mass Cannabis Valentine’s Week Pickups

Pictured: V-Day chocolates by Insa

“We use holidays like this one as inspiration for developing distinctive flavors that amplify the essence of this special time of year.”

A lot of holidays are ideal backdrops for cannabis consumption. Christmas, for example, is focused on gifts and grub. While birthdays have that whole giving and receiving component built in; with dispensaries open and popping up across the state, it’s never been easier to shop for a stoner. For birthdays as well.

Of all the holidays, though, Valentine’s Day might be the best fit for weed. St. Patrick’s Day has the whole green thing going for it, but Feb. 14 involves sex, jazz, and chocolate, and companies putting out products around Mass are aware of this, because they are manufacturing and selling their way into our hearts this month. 

Here are some choice pickups for you and a pot date … 

Insa love

This “line of limited-edition products” is “only available at Insa locations in Massachusetts on Feb. 2, just in time for the Valentine’s Day season.” Their in-house chocolatier Chef Julian Rose is putting out Red Velvet Cake Chocolate Truffles, as well Cosmopolitan Drops (“a flirtatious blend of luxurious cranberry and lime flavors”), and “a Red Velvet Cake Vaporizer that is available in Dart Pods, cartridges, and pens.”

“We searched to find the best recipes to incorporate our love of chocolate and rich seasonal flavors for a lasting impression,” Rose said in a statement. “We use holidays like this one as inspiration for developing distinctive flavors that amplify the essence of this special time of year. Each Red Velvet Cake Truffle is crafted with fresh, delectable ganache in every bite, and each bite of our Cosmopolitan Drop tastes like a sip of the classic cocktail.”


Bountiful love

Sorry to be crass, but if any piece of chocolate is going to make someone horny, it’s one from Bountiful Farms and Plant Jam founder David Yusefzadeh of Cloud Creamery fame. As we’ve noted, their entire collaborative product line is excellent, and a bite of any of the chocolate bars that they concocted together shows how seriously they take their flavors.

The latest infused number is their Chocolate Covered Strawberry, “a dark chocolate bar with a ruby chocolate drizzle that incorporates freeze-dried strawberries and pink peppercorns and is infused with Bountiful Farms’ premium hash rosin.” Their pledge: “This bar will offer a new spin on the familiar dessert favorite.” All precedents considered, we don’t doubt it.


Care love

We were recently down at the Commonwealth Alternative Care grow in Taunton checking in on Standard Farms and their other brands, and while on site got to sample several uninfused versions of their Valentine’s Day specials. Everything was finely crafted bordering on elegant, with bonbons that have sharp edges and thick shells over sweet and creamy fillings. Their boxing is gift-worthy as well, and they also have a deal in play … 

For $65, the CAC Super Valentine’s Day Bundle includes: a 10-pack of Her Highness gummies, a can of their Slate Wonder Balm with THC and CBD, 50mg of the aforementioned chocolates, a half-gram Highsman preroll, and a Her Highness ring with a cannabis leaf on it. 

Box of Trojans sold separately.


Doobie love

Speaking of sweet bundles, Doobie delivery has one that happens to include a number of products we have expressed much affection for. For starters, Betty’s Eddies Smashin Passion for Pleasure chews. On their own, they are a treat; with the rest of this package, they’re more like hors d’oeuvres. For smokes, you’re getting a five-pack of Fast Times Minis from Miss Grass (2g total), then to satisfy their sweet tooth there’s a 100mg bag of strawberry kiwi Sweet Talk gummies. Add to that an Edie Parker Nightcap preroll two-pack and a can of Cantrip Watermelon Seltzer to wash it down. All that plus a “fun VDay surprise in the bag” for $85.


Levia love

Did you really think that Levia, which has a reputation for its seasonal drops around holidays, was going to skip out on this one? Hardly. They “kicked off the season of love in celebration of Valentine’s Day with the launch of [their] latest limited-edition flavor, Raspberry Cheesecake.” “The new flavor consists of a sativa cannabis blend with light, tangy raspberry, and cake flavors, with intended effects of feeling energized and refreshed.” While the limited-run can “features original artwork from Dean McKeever (“Keever”), a local Massachusetts illustrator” whose “design conjures up a feeling of love, passion, and desire.”

“This Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to give cannabis lovers an experience way beyond the traditional, celebratory dessert,” Levia Co-Founder Troy Brosnan said in a statement. “For this limited-edition drop we incorporated more innovative cake and sweets flavorings so our customers can experience something new. Due to the rapid sell out of the October limited-edition Blueberry Cobbler flavor, we doubled our production this time around to make sure everybody gets to feel the love.”