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Now Chewing: Strawberry-Lemonade Beachtime Betty’s

New variant of perennial favorite edible has our mouths gushing and tongues twitching  

We don’t have to tell people about Betty’s Eddies. Most of the time, they’re telling us about them—on line at the dispensary, where people are requesting their favorite flavor of taffy by name, or even at family functions, where dumbass cousins and uncles be like, Hey, you, person who writes about weed, have you tried the new Eddie’s Bettys?

As it turns out, we have tried the latest. In this case, that’s the strawberry lemonade batch, which matches every 5mg of THC with an equal amount of CBG. But first, the taste …

There is nothing subtle about these chews. Like many other Eddies, they skip past the formalities. The lemon makes you pucker, while the background sweetness of the strawberry makes your mouth water.

If there’s one thing about Betty’s that connects all of the regular as well as special releases concocted through the years, it’s the saltwater taffy consistency, which takes well to seriously bold profiles. This one is among the boldest to date, from the zip on your lip to the kick in your trip. That’s right, we chewed up the whole 50mg bag in less than 10 minutes and were wholly whacked within the hour.

As for how great these treats “for chill summer days” are for the actual beach, while Eddies have a relatively high melting point, they are still edibles, so be sure to keep ‘em in the cooler with the coldies.