Pax Live Rosin Gummies, Some Of The Best Yet

Real fruit, impressive effects, potential game changer 

It’s not like anyone was sitting around waiting for Pax gummies.

The brand enjoys a comfortable spot atop the vape market alongside an elite few others, leading one to wonder why they’d even want to enter yet another category in which there are literally more than a thousand products to compete with.

And then you take one bite of these sublime flat squares, and it all starts to make sense. Make some room on the top shelf and mark our words—these are going to win many medals come competition cup season.

We’ve tried hundreds of gummies and loved lots of ’em, from cheap distillate discount numbers, to refined distillate chewies, to the finest organic gems on the market. It’s true that sometimes new kids on the block get all of the attention, but in this case it is warranted, as the vegan hash rosin chicklets by Pax via Resinate managed to premier in pole position, winning perfect notes from all three of our Citizen Strain critics on multiple fronts.

Overall, the Heirloom Peach, Summer Mango, and Wild Strawberry share a common positive: they taste enough like the fruits they are made of so you know that you are chewing organic provisions (which you are), all while taking on a trademark nuance. If you’ve eaten any of these once, you’d recognize it in a subsequent blind taste test. And you’d be happy as a clam puffing a gram.

As for the flavors Pax has currently available, the peach and mango clock in on the subtler side, while the strawberry one tickles your spine. All are soft, gooey, delicious, and a mouthful since at a full square inch they are thrice the size of some other gourmet gummies that Pax just jumped into the ring with.

A light and sweet delight despite their relatively large size, they have about as much sugar coating as a Sour Patch Kid and the ideal gummy texture which makes a mold out of the part of your tooth which bites down on it.

Most importantly, like a select handful of other rosin treats we have tried, these got us hella stoned in the 50-plus milligram range. We know that everybody isn’t currently looking for a hardcore high school high full of uncontrollable laughter and giddiness, but they will be one of these days, and when they find themselves searching for ways to escape to fruitopia for a few hours of clean fun, we recommend starting with two gummies from Pax and cranking the volume as needed.