THC PSA: Governor, AG, Treasurer Seek Applicants for Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board

The body will consult with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development as EOHED administers the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund

History will hopefully show that during his two-term tenure, outgoing Mass Gov. Charlie Baker slid slightly from casual prohibitionist to guy-who-keeps-his-nose-out-of-the-green-biz after probably being asked by his friends who are making enormous gobs of money in the industry to relax. Neither a particular friend nor vehement foe of cannabiz, in his final months he appears to be making moves to solidify a respectable legacy on this front.

While the gov (along with Attorney General and Democratic nom for governor Maura Healey and State Treasurer Deb Goldberg) may get the good press, they’re hardly the initial force behind the “Trust Fund” that “was established to encourage the full participation in the state’s regulated marijuana industry of entrepreneurs from communities that have been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement,” or the “Equity Advisory Board” comprised of members “from, or [with] experience advocating for” impacted communities. Rather, these and other changes came out of relentless urging by tireless advocates as well as a few good folks who worked the system from the inside. As Baker’s office explained, the “law requires the Governor, Treasurer and Attorney General to appoint 5 members to the Cannabis Advisory Board.” They are:

  • 1 person appointed by the Governor with a background in the cannabis industry, who shall serve as chair; 1 person appointed by the Treasurer with a background in finance or commercial lending;

  • 1 person appointed by the Attorney General with a background in business development or entrepreneurship; and

  • 2 persons appointed by a majority vote of the Governor, Treasurer, and Attorney General, who shall have experience in business development, preferably in the cannabis industry.

Do any of those descriptions fit someone you know? Maybe they’re the perfect candidate. Maybe you’re the perfect candidate?!? More from state officials below about the application process.

The Equity Advisory Board will consult with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) as EOHED administers the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund.

All applications must be received no later than by November 1, 2022 by the Human Resources Department of the Office of the State Treasurer via email at or via U.S. Mail to One Ashburton Place, 12th Floor, Boston, MA 02108.

A completed application may be subject to the public records law (G.L. c. 66). To be considered, you must submit a letter of interest and resume.  Your letter of interest should include an explanation and/or identification of:

    • The seat you are applying for (e.g., Governor, Treasurer, Attorney General, or joint appointee);

    • Whether you are from or have experience advocating for, an ADI Community and the name of the community(ies); and

    • Whether you have prior/present involvement in the Massachusetts regulated marijuana industry and describe that involvement.

The application may be downloaded from the website of the Massachusetts State Treasurer.