Two Beer Brand THC-Infused Seltzers Spotted On Our Trip To Cali

Loving these picks from Pabst Blue Ribbon and Lagunitas

I was queuing at the Barbary Coast dispensary and cannabis lounge on Mission Street in San Francisco when I took a hard look to my left. Right there, behind a glass door in their beverage cooler, was something that I didn’t know about but that I should have of course knew existed—PBR weed seltzer. That’s right folks—Pabst Blue Ribbon, the brand that held me down (and vice-versa) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my late-twenties and early thirties, before snobbery and family shifted my priorities, is in the weed game.

Since I had no snobberies or family along for this trip to the Bay Area, naturally I wound up at a dab bar before I even hit my hotel. I roll to the Coast every time that I come here, and sometimes I will even see another degenerate with their bags from the airport. We always just kind of wink at each other like fellow Volkswagen owners. But this time it was only me, my full gram of Diamond Popz Badder from Creme de Canna, and some THC-infused beverages to guzzle while writing.

The Mango Blood Orange High Seltzer from Pabst Blue Ribbon was the best of ’em, a lightly carbonated juice bomb with 10mg of THC. There is a seriously fruity flavor here, not just undertones. I’m actually allergic to real fruit, so it’s a treat to experience something this bold—it’s exactly what I recall mango tasting like before my body went to shit. I can’t recall the real thing giving me this kind of buzz, but hey, it was a long time ago. Whatever the case, I like what the people from Pabst have done with it, and I hope to tip a few in Mass sooner than later. 

In my travels throughout Cali searching for products and ideas to tell readers about back in Mass, the runner-up for beer brand seltzers came from Lagunitas, which is heavy in this corner of the market. I sampled several, and their Hi-Fi Sessions Hoppy Chill was my favorite by a longshot. Kind of the opposite of its mouth-pinching PBR counterpart, this one is nuanced, with just a faint scent of tropical citrus and the smallest bit of effervescence.

Don’t let the faint approach fool you though; with 10mg of THC dancing with 2mg of CBD under the California sun, the high set in for all of us in less than 20 minutes.