Consumer Reports: Flower Power CBD Coffee


Recently, after a long day at NECANN Boston, I was hungry and tired when we headed across the street for some eats at the post-event industry party. Sitting with colleagues from Suite Leaf, I overheard a gentleman yell, “I love Death Wish Coffee, that jacket is sweet.” (Yes, I was rocking my Death Wish denim.)


I turned around and introduced myself as Mike the House Husband, and then things got weird. For a moment, it seemed the noise around the room got quiet as he spoke the words, “No way, I am the House Guru!” The gentleman I’d met was Leighton Knowles of the New York-based Flower Power Coffee Co. I told him I review coffee, he sent me some product, and here we are several weeks later.


Since Flower Power only currently comes preground in small packages, at this point I can only judge based on its flavor profile and effect, not bean quality (though whole beans are coming soon). Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a robust earthy aroma with slight hints of sweetness. The label says it makes 36 ounces, or three cups, so for review purposes I wanted to be accurate and measured the water to a perfect amount. I then let the coffee brew in the press and preheated my mug up with the leftover water, always key steps to a solid cup.


At first sip, Flower Power has a rather complex and robust flavor with a smooth finish, something like fresh coconut oil. It’s from a Jamaican blue mountain-style bean, with a dark, dark brown color resembling a cocoa bean. For a preground coffee it presses well, and after only sips I can feel the CBD doing its thing (I purposely did not take the 50-milligram CBD pills I take daily so that I could get the full effect). I felt alert and focused, as I should, but not as caffeinated as I’d be off such a high quality bean.


Finally, I added my secret weapon, some green lean tincture from the Colorado-based Excelsior Extracts (full disclosure: It was grown exclusively with Suite Leaf vegan plant nutrients). With the magic combination of 2 ml of THC to 1 ml of CBD, I measured out the proper dosage then refilled my half-full cup with more joe. With the added tincture, you notice a different sweetness immediately. Otherwise the flavor profile stayed the same, and it was exactly what I’m always looking for: coffee that works wonders on its own, but that can be kicked into full medical gear with the appropriate tincture.


Overall, I give this coffee 4.25 out of five cups on my scale. Strong points are its CBD dosage for the price, the available selection of blends, and ease of brewing. A whole bean may receive a five out of five when it finally comes on the market, but for now, the coffee is available online and in shops across the US.


Stay tuned for my next adventure, which will feature the best cappuccino in America. Well, at least I think it’s the best.

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